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In a year of controversy and a self-described unusual Oscar, co-host Wanda Sykes on Thursday promised that there would be some jabs on Sunday’s show, but no one would be hurt.
“We’re trying to keep up with the themes,” The Good Fight Alum said of the film’s combined strength at a virtual press conference for the 94th Academy Awards today. .
However, good jokes are never allowed to go away, the sykes are not completely done, noting how hard it is to remember things PG and kind.
“Regina, we have to hold her sometimes, she goes for juggling,” said Upsho star co-host and Girls Trip star Regina Hall.

Sitting next to Sykes, Hall had his own decision to work with Sykes and Amy Schumer and both Sunday shows.
“What’s fun is being able to collaborate and come together to create something that shows what we each do differently,” Hall said. “We really want to celebrate the night.”
“Pretty Amy Schumer can’t be with us today,” said Jennifer Davidson, head of AMPAS PR at the top of today’s Pressure, promising that the absence of the Trainwork star had nothing to do with the Covid-19.
Set at Dolby on Hollywood Boulevard on Sunday, Schumer will host an hour of Oscars, Sykes and Hall for the most part, respectively. As Sykes said today, m …

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