“You got a job, to tell us the truth, and you’re failing

(Florida) – Dan Bongino called the media and fact-checks the fact-checkers, accusing them of “information manipulation”. He went through a few stories that they were wrong but he could have picked up a lot more to show as evidence that the media is playing fast and loose with the truth.

He said: “War propaganda is nothing new. Each party is going to do it. Putin does it well. They twist the truth. But here the left is also engaged in information manipulation.

“Well, what do I mean by that?” Let’s start with the self-proclaimed doormen of truth. Media fact-checkers who have blown it up every week for the past few months. Let’s do a fact-check of fact-checkers during the show today.

“How is that?

The United States has more than doubled its oil imports from Russia in the past year, according to the Politico’s True Fighters.

“Look at it right there, folks. Well, nice try, but it turns out, yes, the United States doubled its crude oil imports from Russia in 2021.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Politifact even mentioned it in paragraph 10 of the original story. It sounds like propaganda to me, doesn’t it?”

“Fact-checker failure number two here.

“Who can forget this gem, when the whole world saw Joe Biden test his watch at a ceremony honoring members of the US military who died in Afghanistan?”

“It simply came to our notice then.

“USA Today has brought out its fact-checking army to carry out the intervention. Why?

“Why did it attract attention? The paper then had to write an amendment after their own fake fact-check.

“The data tester failed at number three. We can go here all day, folks.

“Remember before the Kyle Reitenhaus trial, Politifact insisted that carrying a gun was ‘completely legal’ for Reitenhaus?” False. “

“But during the actual trial, the judge dismissed the gun charge against Rittenhaus.

“And the fact-checkers jumped in to misinterpret them.

“Listen, media, you’ve got a job, boys and women: to tell us the truth.

“It’s a job of yours, a job of yours, and yet you’re repeatedly failing,” he said.

“Instead of covering the news, the New York Times covered it.”charliekirk11 Joins dbongino To slam NYT for confirming the story of the Hunter Biden laptop more than a year late. pic.twitter.com/95LUmlwC6D

– Unfiltered with Dan Bongino (nUnfilteredOnFox) March 20, 2022

“Procurement has been a tragic failure for anyone planning, as well as for the Russian military.”
@ Zenboykin Joins dbongino To break the ground on how the Russians are losing ground due to critical supply shortages pic.twitter.com/XB81EceRsV

– Unfiltered with Dan Bongino (nUnfilteredOnFox) March 20, 2022

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