Without informing parents, New Jersey middle school forces students to learn

As part of a social studies class, a New Jersey public middle school forced students to watch a video about a transgender man’s hormone therapy – all without informing the parents.

The video, “Tes Years on Testosterone,” details the transformation of LGBT activist Idean Dowling through hormone injection. Kinellon, NJ’s Pearl R. Miller Middle School teachers and administrators have not yet informed parents about the lessons included in the slideshow, including definitions of different gender ideologies.

“You can create the courage to stand up for yourself the way you want to do it with your life,” Dowling said in the video after the testosterone injection.

Dowling later spoke at a school-wide gathering as part of the school’s “Stories of Adversity and Resilience program,” which administrators informed parents of ahead of time with the option of opting out of their children. Concerned parents crowded a school board meeting last Thursday, where board members acknowledged that parents should have been similarly informed about hormone therapy videos.

“I felt like I was blind,” said Lauren Malfitano, whose two sons were shown the video. Washington Free Beacon. “They are learning about this gender norm before men and women take actual biology classes.”

The school superintendent did not respond to a request for comment.

The excitement over sex education in New Jersey is one of many examples across the country where anxious parents fight in public schools over violent sex and sex curricula. Florida gained national attention in March after the state legislature passed a bill banning sexual orientation and gender identity lessons in the K-3 classroom.

New Jersey is set to launch an updated health standard pushed by Democratic Governor Phil Murphy in September that teaches second-graders about genitals, reproduction and “gender expression”. Fifth-graders must define masturbation and differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity, and eighth-graders need to define gender identity, gender expression, vaginal sex, oral sex, and anal sex. The Governor-appointed New Jersey Board of Education adopted the standards in 2020.

Planned Parenthood praised the state’s plan, which the group noted aligned with updated national sex education standards. These national standards, written by three advocacy groups that raise millions of dollars from CDCs and generous donors, suggest that elementary students should be taught about hormone blockers.

The Garden State Family, a non-profit organization that aims to fight progressive gender curriculum in schools, first spread the word about hormone therapy videos shown to middle school students. Josh Aikens, father of 6- and 2-year-old boys, has pushed back against radical sex education standards as a school board member in nearby Lafayette, NJ, saying parents across the country need to be involved in what their children are learning.

“I don’t need them to learn about sex,” Aikens said Free beacon About her children. “The community should determine what is taught in the school because they are paying the bill for it.”

The post first appeared on the Washington Free Beacon, forcing New Jersey middle school students to learn about transgender hormone therapy without informing parents.

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