Wisconsin Attorney General Candidate to Run

Attorney Karen Mueller, founder of the Amos Center of Justice and Liberty and General Counsel, has officially entered the running for Wisconsin Attorney General.

Mueller shared with us that he doesn’t really plan to run, but the current candidates aren’t addressing the big issues of the day, the 2020 election problem, and the Covid-related issues, so he felt he had to run.

We first heard of Karen after the 2020 election when she was fighting for the people of Wisconsin and finally for President Trump. He has filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Election Commission, claiming that the ballot box was unconstitutional. In his suit, he exposed the corruption of the Wisconsin Republican Party where the leadership was behind the election theft by promoting ballot drop boxes in the state. The Wisconsin Supreme Court eventually dismissed her case even though Karen was right.

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In his announcement on Saturday, Muller shared three reasons why he is running:

Over the past four months, he has received tragic phone calls from patients’ families at various hospitals around Wisconsin where they have reported Suspicious deaths or attempts by medical providers to end the lives of their loved ones. Their loved ones were previously denied potential life-saving drugs and were instead given dangerous drugs under a joint EUA that provides both financial incentives and immunity from liability for the hospital system. Patients were soon placed on a ventilator and family members were encouraged or compelled to sign a DNR or “comfort care” document before allowing their loved one to be seen for the last time. It is suspected that the motives for this alleged homicide are twofold: 1) to prevent the release of a safe and effective alternative treatment for Covid 19 that would end EUA on “vaccines” and thus end immunity from liability for “vaccines”. And 2) significant financial gains and rewards by people who are sick enough to need a ventilator, which hospitals earn an additional $ 60,000 to $ 100,000 per ICU patient. Attorney M মller promised that if he were elected attorney general, he would begin an investigation into the alleged murder and, if the allegations were proven, charge and hold accountable those responsible for the death.

Attorney Muller explained it a second time The covid-related “vaccine” has a high number of deaths and injuries These were also alleged homicide cases that need to be investigated as possible homicides because these shots were given without any actual legal informed consent. These “franchises” were a blatant disregard for the lives and rights of the people, created by Francis Boyle, a professor at Chicago Law School, who wrote the 1989 federal “Bioweapon Anti-Terrorism Act.” He believes a genocide is now underway because people have been forced to take these shots by employers and schools without a proper understanding of the risks of death or serious bodily harm to their employees or students. By companies, private non-profits and media outlets.

Third, Attorney Mueller states that The huge number of deaths due to these two reasons mentioned above would not have happened in this state and if the 2020 presidential election in this country had not been stolen through fraud and violation of election law. Since President Trump has not advocated a halt to safe-alternative treatment for Covid-19 or wanted a mandatory “vaccine” shot, only by installing the Biden administration could this horrific assassination plot be exposed to the American public. Attorney Mueller has declared that it is essential to investigate and prosecute voting and electoral fraud in order to restore Wisconsin voters’ confidence in their electoral system and to protect citizens from more serious “healthcare” policies and “vaccine” mandates.

Finally, he emphasized that Wisconsin lawmakers can and should cancel 10 electoral votes because multiple electoral violations are considered a “matter of law” and fraud that undermines and invalidates unfair decisions. There is nothing in the constitution that prevents a state legislature from exercising its full powers. No such dissolution resolution requires the signature of the governor as the constitutional power to enact electoral law relating to electoral voting rests solely with the state legislature. Therefore, the decision on whether and how disartification is possible also depends on the legislature of each state. Wisconsin lawmakers violated their office oaths when they certified the election vote knowing there were already many reports of fraud and illegality. Certification by state legislators will allow legislators to renew and restore their oaths to uphold state and federal constitutions.

Here’s Karen’s full announcement:

Jim Huff’s WI Karen Mueller AG announcement on Scribd

Karen knows the difference between right and wrong and she is brave enough to take a position.

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