Wimbledon May 1-ranked Russian forces Putin to condemn.

Russia’s Daniel Medvedev, the world’s number one male tennis player, could face an irresistible dilemma if he is allowed to play at Wimbledon this summer. British officials are discussing the possibility of him needing to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to qualify for this year’s tennis tournament.

The Britbert writer John Nolte calls that necessity “a form of McCarthyism.”

British Sports Secretary Nigel Huddleston confirmed that the consideration was discussed in the British Parliament on Tuesday. Russian tennis teams Davis and Billy Jean have already been banned from entering the King’s Cup and now the UK government wants a strict ban on Russian players.

The Telegraph quoted Huddleston as saying, “It simply came to our notice then. We need some reassurance that they are not supporters of Vladimir Putin and we are considering what might be needed to try to get some reassurance along that line. ”

British officials are discussing with other countries the possibility of condemning Putin. “It would be nice if we could reach some broad global consensus on this issue,” Huddleston said. Such a move by Wimbledon would be the first in international sports and would not come without controversy. Russian athletes have condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine, but no one has dared to criticize their country’s president.

Nolte quickly labeled what the UK and Wimbledon considered “neo-McCarthyism”. He further wrote that it was “obscene” for Russian athletes to choose between playing Wimbledon and risking themselves and their families by angering their dictator.

“This method is the most irresistible about Oak Gestapo. Silence is no longer acceptable. Neutrality means you are the enemy. You must declare openly and proudly that you are on the right side, on the right side, the sanctioned side of any problem, or you will be destroyed.

“How is it different from McCarthyism?

“It’s not.”

Nolte asked why Westerners would “behave so bizarrely and shamefully” unless we wanted to isolate ourselves from Russian citizens. This is a sign that the “smog elite” will be satisfied while doing nothing to impress Putin. Westerners could come across as bad guys, bullies and “fascists,” Nalte warned.

During the Cold War, the West did not blacklist athletes, recalls from Nalte history. The world was still ruled by adults who understood that we wanted the Russian people by our side and if we demanded a test of purity we would not be better than Joseph Stalin.

Another point of contention for Nolt is that “these elite bullies are the same people who are sucking China despite having a human rights record, including genocide.” Many of them are doing business with China and Chinese athletes will not demand condemnation of their leader.

In fact, China’s Zhang Zhizhen competed at Wimbledon last year without facing the potential need to face Medvedev.

Nolte concludes that we are not at war with Russia and asks why we should fight against its citizens.

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