Will Smith wins Best Actor award and cries at Oscar after slapping Chris Rock

Will Smith ran on the Oscar stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face for joking with his wife, winning the Best Actor award.

Smith was not removed from the venue for insulting the comedian and took to the stage to receive his award.

Will Smith won Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

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– in my mind (MeAloneInMyMind) March 28, 2022

While tearfully accepting his award, Smith insisted that “love will force you to do crazy things.

“Love drives you crazy”
– Will Smith wins Oscar for Best Actor after incident with Chris Rock pic.twitter.com/nTbzxYhMnt

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The actress shaved her head to deal with her alopecia, which caused her hair to fall out, and Rock made a joke when he saw her as if she was getting ready for GI Gen 2.

Smith laughed at first, looking at Jada angrily. After a while, he jumped on the stage and insulted the presenter.

Full uncensored video of Will Smith’s feud with Chris Rock # Oscar pic.twitter.com/cGQ3plSEiz

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Will Smith punched Chris Rock and told him to “keep my wife’s name out of your mouth”. pic.twitter.com/1f1ytdbMRv

– CJ Fogler (cjzer0) March 28, 2022

Rock, startled, tries to shake it off and Smith continues to yell at him from behind in the audience.

Full video / audio of Will Smith vs. Chris Rock. (NSFW language obviously.) # Oscar pic.twitter.com/k7pX27lI3J

– Adam Silverstein (SilverSteinAdam) March 28, 2022

“Wow dude, it was a GI Jane joke,” Rock responded, adding, “It was the greatest night in the history of television.”

During the commercial break, Will Smith was pulled to one side and Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry comforted him, who gave him the momentum to stop it. Will is seen wiping tears from her eyes as she sits with Jada, Denzel comforting Jada and Will’s representative beside her. pic.twitter.com/uDGVnWrSS2

– Scott Feinberg (scotfeinberg) March 28, 2022

During the trade break, Denzel pulled Washington and Tyler Perry Smith to one side, who seemed to be telling him to stop. Smith was seen wiping away tears as he returned to his seat with Jada and his public relations representative.

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