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Tuesday May 24, 2022

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“Love can be a very scary thing,” says a character after Agatha Christie’s emotional crime. Death on the Nile. Detective Hercules Pirot agrees: “So most of the great love stories are tragedies.”

Christie knew what she wrote. Her beloved mother died the same year in 1926 তার her husband, Archie Christie, told her he had fallen in love with another woman and wanted a divorce. Agatha, a well-known author at the time but a literary superstar, reacted suspiciously to one of his books: He disappeared.

Newspapers have documented every detail of the mysterious disappearance of a mystery writer. Politicians have filed cases in Parliament. Even the Home Secretary got involved. Eleven days later Christie was found in a hotel miles away. He did not give a public explanation for the disappearance and did not mention the incident in his 1977 autobiography. Archie and Agatha were divorced in 1928.

Lots of solutions to Christie’s mystery. In a acclaimed 1979 film, Vanessa Redgrave is portrayed as Christie opposite Dustin Hoffman as a (fictional) reporter who saves her from suicide. Even Doctor K. Entering the act, he presented the theory that Christie lost her memory as a result of running with a giant alien vap.

Nina de Gramont is the latest author to turn the story into a fiction — or a summary of her book. In fact, Christy Affair Christie has as little to do with the relationship Doctor K.Its extraterrestrial hymenoptera does. De Gramont’s narrator is Archie’s concubine, here called “Nan O’Dea,” and her story, not Christie’s, is the focus. He manages the plot, he is the most advanced character (Archie, by contrast, has so much stock that he can stay in one Midsomer Murder Episode), and he describes long passages in his life that are not related to Christie’s disappearance.

One gets the weird idea that – despite the title and the basis – de Gramont is not like Agatha Christie. To read Great Gatsby“It simply came to our notice then. Not a detective story. “While a character doesn’t always speak for his author, De Gramont doesn’t seem to know Christie’s books well.

Christie “wasn’t interested in romance,” Nan said, “she kept it in her book because it was fashion ৷ she especially disliked romance in detective novels. It was a delusion.”

This statement is true of some of Christie’s contemporary mystery-writing; A reader won’t find too much romance in the early Elary Queen or Vintage SS Van Dyne. But for Christie it is a complete lie, whose mystery is full of romance, and who wrote the romance novel under a pseudonym. His two best-reviewed secrets, Death on the Nile And Five little pigsTurn on the themes of love, with detailed features that believe in the multi-recurring view that Christie wrote nothing but cold mystery puzzles, little more than logic essays.

Christie’s books never deserved the “cold puzzle” label that people who don’t read books usually claim. De Gramont, Alas, Christie এবং and the repetition of that view of mystery in the “Golden Age” (circa 1920s to 1950s) in general, seems critical. True, De Gramante names some of his characters after Christie’s, and the plot of the mystery he tried যা which came to be the most touching of the book দ্ধা pays homage to a Christie’s book.

But that’s exactly it: Christie’s references are beautiful, even cloaking, as if based on De Gramante’s entire Christie’s knowledge. Danger in the end house And The murder of Roger Acroyd And name picking.

De Gramante’s book has so little to do with Christie’s disappearance that I wonder why she chose this premise. I don’t usually have a problem with fiction that uses a real-life event as a springboard, but when real-life events don’t matter to fiction, I have to wonder why the author bothered.

The only reason I can think is that Christie’s name is still sold. Christy Affair It doesn’t have to be about Agatha Christie or any mystery writer. All that matters is Nan’s story বেড়ে growing up in Ireland, falling in love at a young age, facing torture in a convent for unmarried mothers. I was really interested in Nan’s story, which stimulated de Gramante’s imagination and inspired his best phrases.

But then de Gramont felt the need to return to the mystery suggested by his title. D. Gramant F. Scott is not Fitzgerald, but if he wanted to write “literary” fiction, I wonder why he didn’t. Almost all writers for which blurbs Christy Affair Do not write mystery fiction appears on the back cover. Most historians write literary fiction, and that’s it Christy Affair Should have

Combining mystery stories and literary novels, as De Gramont has tried to do here, is difficult. The writer must at the same time provide the characterization and thematic depth of the novel and the reader must strategize the reader with enough clues to figure it out. But it can be done. And one of the first writers to do so was Agatha Christie, probably inspired by her volunteer work in both World Wars, her genuine interest in humanity, and her personal heartbreak.

That personal heartbreak probably explains the real life mystery of Agatha Christie. By the time Archie announced his divorce, he was already suffering from his mother’s death. Is it any wonder that she “disappeared” from her familiar world, the husband she loved who didn’t love her?

In the end, though, the heartbreak seems to have taught Agatha Christie a better lesson than the fictional Nan O’Da. After Christie’s love scare Death on the NileShe ends up with a different pair of lovers, who believe that “it’s not the past but the future that matters.”

Hercules Pirot can say: Exactly.

Christie’s Affair: A Novel
By Nina de Gramont
St. Martin’s Press, 320 pp., 27.99

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