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Posted: March 26, 2022 12:01 AM

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If anyone is still wondering why important elements of American voters have lost faith in the credibility of Big Tech, the mainstream media, and the Washington Establishment, the New York Times recently revealed that the emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop were, in fact, authentic, and by Big Tech, mainstream media, and Washington. The collective response to that news – for intelligence, a collective wind – should all be explained. For those who are late to the story, here is a quick summary: In October 2020, just three weeks before the presidential election, The New York Post – the country’s oldest newspaper – published a series of articles based on documents found on a laptop computer that . To Biden’s son Hunter. The stories prove that Joe Biden lied when he announced that “I never talked to my son about his foreign business dealings” and revealed that Hunter had run multiple business deals in Ukraine and China and that it seemed profitable. He made money in his father’s political position. Further, based on the laptop’s documents, it was found that Hunter may have violated certain laws requiring the foreign company to disclose its activities and that he may not have reported all of his earnings to the IRS. Documents even.

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