Why Matt Ryan had the best-case scenario for the Colts in the quarterback-indie

Indianapolis – While flying on his plane from Jacksonville, Colts owner Jim Iris angrily stated that his team missed 98% of the chances to play-offs with 2 regular season games, the most embarrassing loss in the history of the Indianapolis Colts franchise, leaving his team out. Looking. That’s when Jim Irs decided that the Colts would launch a new QB in 2022.

The free agent QB market was seen by the people around the NFL as very weak. Is James Winston rehabilitating a torn ACL floating your boat? If not, what about the often-injured Marcus Mariota who never put up exceptional stats in the NFL? The Colts had to go into a trade and after dusting off with Rogers, Wilson and Watson, the # 1 option to find a home for next season became clear. Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons, Chris Ballard has worked hard to reel the Colts into the best option to win in 2022.

Although he will turn 37 next season, Frank Reich believes Matt Ryan will be able to “hit the layups” in his offense as Philip Rivers did in 2020. Something that Carson Wentz fought in his solo season at Indy.

Matt Ryan’s PFF pass grade is 20 points higher indoors than outdoors in the last 2 seasons.

The last place he wants to go is Cleveland.

– Sam Manson (PFF_Sam) March 18, 2022

The Colts are lucky to have their next season’s 12/17 game indoors.

Fans may be disappointed to see raw figures from a year ago comparing Matt Ryan to Carson Wentz. Wentz had more TDs and fewer obstacles than Ryan. However, this does not tell the whole story:

Last year in Atlanta, Matt Ryan had his 29th ranked defense and 31st ranked run game. Calvin Ridley was injured half the year.

The Colts were ninth in defense and second in runs. He will join a team with Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pitman, Jr.’s better O-line and some emerging weapons.

– Jack Kefer (zkeefer) March 21, 2022

When the Colts brought in veteran Philip Rivers in 2020, one of the main weaknesses of his game was the strength of his hands. Philip Rivers, 38, was not able to expand the field like Frank Reich did. Although Matt Ryan will be 37 at the start of the season, hand strength is not an issue for the new Colts QB:

Some negative things about the strength of Matt Ryan’s hand

In the 15+ yard throw pass, Ryan ranked last year:

At a predictable rate # 2
# 5 On-target rate

Within 30 QB with 50+ efforts

Now he has a good line and stays inside the houseDanpizuta Breaks the trade: https://t.co/qC6lSiQcuB

– Warren Sharp (SharpFootball) March 21, 2022

After all, everyone knows that GM Chris Ballard likes his NFL draft picks. The Colts’ picks were 42 (2nd round, from Washington), 73 (3rd round, from Washington), 82, 122, 159, 179, 216 and 239. The Colts had to give up the 3rd round pick for Matt Ryan. However, Ballard was able to hold a higher 3rd round pick from Washington (73rd overall) and dropped the pick # 82 instead.

Wow, so are the Colts.

• Added Matt Ryan
• Carson lost to Wentz
• Ryan was not forced to extend his contract
অর্জন Achieved a 3rd which could be a 2nd
L ATL eats, 40,525,000 dead cap *
• Ryan’s 2022 cap hit is down to M 28M, less than Carson Wentz

* The biggest in NFL history

– Warren Sharp (SharpFootball) March 21, 2022

Chris Ballard found himself in a sticky situation at the end of the regular season but was able to upgrade to a better, cheaper QB and gain more draft resources in the process. A fantastic impressive feat.

To hear the full response to the news, as well as what the Colts are doing now to keep the weapons around Ryan, listen to 107.5 107.5 Fan Afternoon host JMV’s breakdown of where it left the Colts now!

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