“When Secretary of State Katie Hobbs signed my filing paper, she endorsed it.

Trump-backed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Curry Lake announced Tuesday that he is officially the first candidate on the ballot for the upcoming primary election.

“Today, when Secretary of State Katie Hobbs signed my filing, she confirmed her own electoral defeat,” Lake said in a press release.

Soros-backed Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who stole from the 2020 election, is the Democratic front runner-up for Arizona governor.

Gateway pundits have reported on the number of new votes, showing that Curry Lake is the only Republican candidate who can defeat Hobbs in the general election.

“When you lie to the public and you are the media, this is a bad business model” – must see: AZ governor candidate Kari Lake destroys ABC rookie reporter in an attempt to hit him hard (video)

It demonstrates Trump’s ability to support the state and provides further evidence that the 2020 election was rigged by President Trump.

Lake is a clear opponent of electoral fraud and an advocate for electoral integrity across Arizona. Lake said he was “the only candidate who has promised and will reach the bottom of what happened in 2020.”

Lake’s tough stance on election integrity, fake news, border security, and parental rights makes him what he needs to be free in Arizona.

Huge! pic.twitter.com/nv908v3b0c

– Kari Lake for AZ Governor (ariKariLake) March 13, 2022

Lake: Our campaign has more strength and support in the history of Arizona, and we’ve reached another milestone: the first candidate on the ballot!

Today, when Secretary of State Katie Hobbs signed my filing papers, she certified her own electoral defeat.

It’s official: We’re on the ballot!

Today, I submitted my paperwork and doubled the signatures needed to qualify for the early August ballot!

It took us just three weeks to get enough signatures – record time! Our movement cannot be stopped. # Carrizona #Karilek pic.twitter.com/fWd1LhewMt

– Kari Lake for AZ Governor (ariKariLake) March 15, 2022

The only person from Curry Lake Is That party has officially qualified for the preliminary ballot in August.

While his opponents are paying up to $ 35 for each signature, the Trump-backed candidate for governor had enough signatures to make the ballot in June 2021. Thanks to the incredible support from patriots across the state, Mrs. Lake has become more than twice as much a signature as needed and has not had to pay a penny for them.

In 2020, like President Trump, Curry Lake will win by landslide.

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