“When I was in the White House they didn’t communicate with us, we had peace

(Florida) – Former President Donald Trump broke into a house in Florida while delivering a speech on the American Freedom Tour in South Florida. Trump reminded the public, and hopefully President Joe Biden, that world leaders have treated him differently.

Does anyone believe that Saudi Arabia will stop Trump just like Biden did and run away from there? Trump would cut those ungrateful ones, we are the only reason that those corrupt princes were not on the wrong side of the rebellion, at least weeping.

Biden seems unaware of what is happening and is taking the new Patriot missile system to the Kingdom. President Trump echoed this clear truth when he told the crowd in Florida:

“We have found peace through energy when I was in the White House. They didn’t hang out with us. “

Trump: “When I was in the White House, we had peace through energy … they didn’t hang out with us.” pic.twitter.com/erel5Gs6si

– Benny (েনBenijonson) March 20, 2022

The American Freedom Tour is a celebration of faith, family, inalienable rights and God-given American independence. Never before have America’s greatest conservative insiders and influential people gathered at an event to unite an entire nation of silent voices.

“At a time when the media and government are tearing apart so much America and its people, the American Freedom Tour celebrates America and that makes us great.”

Trump also talked about 2022 and 2024: “In support of everyone in this chamber, we will take back the House, we will take back the Senate and we will take back our country, and then most importantly in 2024, we are going. Take us back to the beautiful White House.

“You had a president who always put America first.

“I will come back and we will be better and stronger than before.”

Last year, Trump said he would win the GOP nomination if he went to the polls. He said:

“I think if I run, I’ll get it.

See, I have 94, 95 percent, even at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) I had 98 percent approval rating.

“So if I decide to run, I will get it very easily.

“Most people say if I run, they won’t run against me so I think it’s good.”

Dame has already announced that special interest groups are already attacking Trump as a sign of what is going to happen.

From Newsweek:

American Bridge, a pro-democracy Super PAC, has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging that former President Donald Trump is violating campaign law by spending money from his PAC on events for himself, although he has not yet done so officially. He announced whether he would run for president in 2024.

Allegedly, Trump has collected and spent “well” more than $ 5,000 in funding for “the progress of his own presidential campaign.”

American Bridge says the federal campaign finance law stipulates that Trump must file documents announcing his candidacy within 15 days of raising or spending more than $ 5,000 for something that could “affect his election.”

Trump has commented on a possible 2024 run on a number of occasions, which has been complained about from details of American Bridge, and the main opponent has said that the polls put him ahead of President Joe Biden to measure the initial public opinion of the next presidential election.

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