What was it? GOP frontrunners call for no-fly zone over at Ohio Senate race

Fireworks erupted in the Republican Senate primary in Ohio on Friday when two top candidates for the GOP nomination confronted each other and refused to back down.

Ohio Senate candidates Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons, who are currently leading the race, were maneuvering during the debate. The moderator was forced to step in and break the tie before the feud escalated.

On Monday, Josh Mandel accompanied Steve Bannon and told the War Room audience that he was “standing up for military men and women across the country.” Mandel also defended his call for retired Ohio GOP Senator Rob Portman to be called a consultant. This happened after Portman ran to support a different candidate.

Candidates for the Ohio GOP Senate held another debate Monday night. It promises to be a thriller.

During the debate, GOP candidates Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons both backed a European-led no-fly zone over Ukraine.

The position is not popular with Republican bases who are not interested in a shooting war with Putin and Russia.

Both Josh Mandel Ohio And কMicGibbonsOH A European-led no-fly zone has been approved in Ukraine tonight

Dangerous and incompetent # OHSen pic.twitter.com/o3X6BsscUo

– Andrew Surabees (uraSurabees) March 22, 2022

JD Vance responds to his war cry from fellow Republican opponents, “These two neocons want to make a mistake in our WWIII.”

These 2 neocans want to make a mistake in our WW3.

What happened when Russia shot down a European ally’s plane? America will be forced to respond with our blood and wealth.

Mandel and Gibbons are either too dumb to realize this, or they know and are okay with it. Absolutely reckless https://t.co/oiHD9c8THG

– JD Vance (@ JDVance1) March 22, 2022

Good for JD Vance!

More responses …

Well done, @ JDVance1

No significant American national interest is at stake in the regional war on Ukraine’s eastern border.

Conversely, if we do not get control of our southern border, we will refrain from the United States. https://t.co/n7M1p7S2Md

– Steve Curtis (CortesStev) March 22, 2022

Here is a summary of last night’s debate.

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