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Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

What is olive oil? Nutrition, benefits, beauty uses and more – Indy News

Olive oil and its trendy Monica EVOO (Ultra Virgin Olive Oil) are known as a healthy food that you can eat because of its relationship with the Mediterranean diet. Here’s what you need to know about its place in your daily routine. What is olive oil and what is its history? Olive oil is pressed oil from olives. Its use dates back to 6,000 years ago, to its origins in present-day Iran, Syria, and Palestine, before going to the Mediterranean. It has become an important part of the diet for many cultures. In the United States, you can buy three types of olive oil: extra-virgin olive oil, olive oil, and mild flavored olive oil. Extra virgin, which makes up 60 percent of all olive oil sold in North America, can be used for cold or finishing preparations as well as for cooking. Olive oil can be used in a variety of cooking styles, and the mild flavored olive oil has a neutral flavor, so you can use it in cooking and baking when you don’t want the olive oil’s characteristic pepper flavor. What is olive oil like? Olive oil is made from olives …

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