“We will subpoena Hunter Biden, the American people deserve an answer” – Indy News

House No. 3 Republican Alice Stefanik issued a warning to President Joe Biden and his infamous son Hunter in an interview with The New York Post. He soon told the Squimming pair that if Republicans take the House next year, they will have the answer for the American people.

Biden received a 36% approval last week as a polling agency fair and accurate as the Dames champion so when they say they will subpoena Hunter Biden to get down a lost laptop you know the White House is taking it seriously.

Ellis said: “We will subpoena Hunter Biden. It should concern every American that they did it for the financial gain of the Biden family, which came for our national security. The American people deserve an answer.

“There is no greater moral concern or open conspiracy about whether this president has been compromised because of his illicit relations with his family members.

“Make no mistake, it will rain if the subponas do not return the documents and answer our questions.

“We are already preparing document requests and investigations from numerous federal agencies and individuals,” he added.

Kevin McCarthy warned Adam Schiff that his days on the Intel Committee were coming to an end last week.

From the New York Post:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Friday blasted the chairman of the intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, for removing Hunter Biden’s laptop bombing reporting from a Russian “smear” report. “

“Democrats have politicized our intelligence committee. You’ve seen it year after year since Adam Schiff took the chair, “McCarthy (R-Calif.) Told reporters.

“No, he does not warn us about what is happening in Ukraine or Afghanistan or around the world. He told you about politics.

“But the worst part of it is, you can’t believe what he told you, that he lied to us,” he continued.

“Just look at what happened.

Two years ago, Schiff said emails from Hunter Biden were all there [a] Stains on Joe Biden [that] Comes from the Kremlin.

That is what the head of Intel said [Committee] Said. “

“Stephanik, No. 3 House Repub, … presides over a conclave of his colleagues, all of whom are eagerly plotting an investigation against the administration, if they can take control of the House … //t.co/ipSiYwsmzB

– Alice Stefanik (AllisStefanik) March 26, 2022

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Read more from my sitting interview with Rep. Stephanik Here: https://t.co/844hwbQg1v

– Henry Rogers (@henryrodgersdc) March 26, 2022

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