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Seoul, South KoreaFormer Vice President and Indiana Governor Mike Pence believes the United States should “redouble its efforts to provide President (Volodymyr) Zelensky and the Ukrainian military with everything they need to defend themselves.”

Pence made the remarks to “Fox and Friends” on Friday morning while in the South Korean capital, Seoul. Russia and Ukraine have been at war for more than a month.

“We have to meet this moment with American strength. I am glad that President Biden has extended the sanctions. The administration was slow in this regard. We have to give them weapons. We have to put more pressure on Russia every day in economic terms, “Pence said.

He says the United States must provide anti-aircraft measures to help Ukraine win.

“The Biden administration should move that mig [fighter jets] From Poland to Ukraine, do it immediately. They have pilots in Ukraine who know how to fly them. But just as important, we must continue to provide ground-based anti-aircraft systems that can repel Russian aircraft carrying high-stratosphere bombers, “Pence said.

The United States has reached an agreement this year to help supply at least 15 billion more cubic meters of liquefied natural gas. President Biden made the announcement on Friday morning. This gas will help Europe reduce its dependence on Russia.

On Thursday, Biden said the food shortage was “going to be real.” Pence said food shortages could be avoided by giving Ukraine “the ability to win.”

We have to redouble our efforts to get the President @ZelenskiUA And Ukraine’s military is doing everything in its power to defend itself, increase economic pressure on Russia, and provide humanitarian assistance inside Ukraine and to countries receiving refugees. pic.twitter.com/jG1V92KSYx

– Mike Pence (ikeMike_Pence) March 25, 2022

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