‘We f *** ed!’ John Stuart Muller explodes the media’s ‘bulls **’ with the probe

Caution: John Stuart uses clear language in his comedy.

In the March 17 edition Problems with John Stuart, The comedian set his sights on the media because he spelled out how the outdated use of their ratings and distorted motivation was leading them to oblivion. And to make that point, Steward focused on how the media became addicted to Trump’s biggest presidential story: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 2016 election investigation, aka Russia’s fraud scandal.

Now, Stuart started with some shots from Fox News and complained that they were the source of resentment at the critical race theory and indicated that it was an astroturf movement. But the lion’s share of his criticism was for the rest of the media clowns who portrayed themselves as the savior of the world.

“[T]He claims the Fourth Estate is ready in America and in danger, a barrier to creeping fascism. Our media, they are guards on the wall. He announced sarcastically. But after playing a clip of CNN’s Don Lemon blowing from a cake on New Year’s Eve (probably drunk), he lamented: “Well America, it’s been a pleasure. We’re fucking. “

Stuart felt that our media, as it currently stands, was “between America and chaos, we are in trouble.” He assumed that the media was an “institution” with a huge “gap” between aspirations and implementation.

“The media is telling us how incredibly important they are for our survival.” He said. “But when important informational tasks are given, do they instead create our prison that you’re talking to people?”

And to highlight how divorced the media was from reality, he broke down how he covered Mueller’s investigation.

After showing the media clip that Mুলller is behaving like a “child of prophecy,” as Stuart described, he announced how they were “turning every moment off!” It has inevitably evolved into every little thing that has evolved into a “bombshell”. “Bombshells, hungry people like food. Sudden surprise. I also have a question: Do you think we are stupid? “ He wanted to know.

“It simply came to our notice then. And then it starts to get weird, ”he said,“ if true ”speculation starts to flow. “There were a lot of ‘if true’ it was like reading a high-stakes tarot.”

Adding: “But in the end, after two years of speculation and fabrication, They were sure of one thing, ”the walls were closing.

Putting things in the gutter, Stuart described how the media had spent “two years turning themselves into Muller’s climax” before the report was released. And he declared that the only winner of the investigation was “Satan”:

You spent two years at Motherfucker filled with broken bombs and emergency explosions and finished a season for ages. A leaky, tight-walled, family-style gel-gas. And what we got was a report from a disguised book that we had to print ourselves. I apologize to the producers of Lost. This was the worst final.

“And the craziest part is, all the time, the great reporters are doing impressive work, but you don’t know it because it’s stuck with so much news,” he joked. “And if anything is going to kill our democracy, it will be with the news.”

And before his panel discussion, which included Chris Stearwalt, Shawn McLaughlin and Soledad O’Brien, Stuart used some stitching clips together to show why the media does what they say (see tweet):

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