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Dan Bongino called President Biden’s latest mistake in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and his administration’s clean-up efforts “unfiltered” on Saturday. Dan Bongino: You can always count on Joe Biden – always – especially to get something done on the world stage, and that’s really unfortunate. As President of the United States, with Europe on the brink of World War III, what is Biden going to do? Well, he called for a change of government in Russia After Biden’s remarks, Putin called for a “loud and clear” regime change, saying he could not “stay in power”: expert … The White House had to immediately regain control, “the president said. No, he did not discuss Putin’s regime in Russia.
President Biden.
(AP Photo / Evan Vucci) The media was happy to repeat the White House’s point of view, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing to see here, folks.” Meanwhile, just yesterday, Biden appeared to tell U.S. troops that they were leaving.

Biden from Post Bongino: We don’t need another gaff, we need leadership.

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