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Guest post by cdr. Dale Lawson

Perhaps the best episode of the Warrior Brotherhood is in honor of General Grant from General Sherman, “He stood by me when I was mad, I stood by him when he was drunk; And now, sir, we always stand by each other. “

This feeling is the essence of the Warrior Brotherhood. From time immemorial the war has been won only through direct communication. Starting with sticks and stones, then adding spears, then swords, then cannons (archers) and armor (chariots), then cavalry, all of which required direct contact with the enemy. Gunpowder innovation has given the equation a little more distance. It was the same floating. Adv. Nelson famously said, “No captain can do very wrong if he puts his ship on the enemy’s side.” War is dynamic and as a result blood is lost, limbs are lost, lives are lost. No one knows it better than the men there. Men under fire may have ideals and everyone has faith, but they do not fight for this vague belief. They fight for the man next to him and do it freely regardless of the external paint scheme. We are all the same under that weak epidermis. We all bleed red and he doesn’t care about my brother with our firm knowledge of who shares their blood. The Black Marine that jumps on the grenade to save his White brother does not do it for his posthumous MOH, he does it to save his brother. The seal that took the risk not only to save his seriously injured officer, but also to save a Vietnamese seal was not looking at race or class, he was just trying to save his brothers. Long ago yesterday to today and as it will be tomorrow, this is the policy of the warrior. The strategy has changed, the opponents have changed, obviously the weapons have changed, but what has not changed is the absolute need of the Warrior Brotherhood.

Our democracy is as great as it is restless. It changes with the weather as much as the sure changing tides and often not for the better. When we had the draft, our foolish “leadership” hiding in the halls of power had to endanger their child just as the Southern sharecropper did. The most frightening telegram can be sent to any mother’s door. It was equality and it worked. But after the conflict was over, our heroes became cannon fodder again and were left in the hands of wolves. Many returned with fewer limbs than when they were gone, deformed, blinded. Almost everyone has some form of PTSD. What does society do? Very little, except for a few pieces of colored ribbon. Of course, many now offer meaningless “thank you for your service”. Our government ignores them and leaves it to the charities to help our Hero Brothers try to live a contented life. We should be ashamed of this atrocity.

All of the above is a fact of life that we have chosen to live with a new philosophy. The Power as a medium of social experimentation which did not accept DoD. It started by bringing women into the equation, then the whole gamut of gay and self-identifying alphabet soup. Maybe with time we could have done this. But somehow we have now embraced all the panopoly of “Wokeism”, including self-identification first, divisive implementation of “diversity”, inclusion in any class, and the lowest common denominator for something called “the worst of the lowest values.” Equity. “Social Justice Warriors are against real warriors. Waking up and winning is a curse for each other. We can only pray that we don’t have to prove ourselves wrong with the catastrophic consequences of some future conflict. Oh wait, we’re already in Afghanistan. Maybe Brandon.” I am right in my decision not to provide a wake-up call to help our brothers in Ukraine.

We owe it to our warrior brothers to do something about it. We cannot keep politics away. This is all about politics. The once-proud Democratic Party has been occupied by the Luni Left. The once strong GOP is now led by Neokon and RHINO. The strength of our nation was the people and always was. Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, regardless of who we are. Permanent political class is the leech of our soul. Their only desire is to acquire and retain power. They get rich through insider trading and crony capitalism. We should not do this. We should demand expiration limits. We should clean the house. It may be a good idea to adopt a more parliamentary style with a vote of confidence to remove stupid fools. We need to take control of social media. If the mainstream media continues its current focus on a one-party state through lies and ambiguity, we need to reconsider the First Amendment. The first step is midterm. The nation needs new blood inside the beltway. Our Brother Warriors, regardless of team, are a logical choice. They know very well the value of our truly tragic “leadership”.

All of these issues have found an unlikely home in our favorite service academies. We are training future leaders in our brother’s arsenal to focus more on awakening than being a warrior. Teaching them to create enclaves of isolation for their identity. Learn to hate each other instead of loving each other. Battles are won without differences, but focus on missions and their oaths. This current stupidity will only end in the loss of blood, friends and war. That will only change with a new Congress and hopefully a new president in a few years. The days of order and discipline should rule. Respect, courage, honesty and discipline are the qualities that are important.

I will end with the last stanza of my favorite poem, Invictus:

It doesn’t matter how straight the gate is,

How the scroll is charged with punishment,

I master my destiny:

I am the king of my kingdom.

About the Author: Cdr. Dale Lawson is a Naval Academy graduate and former Navy fighter pilot. He is working with a group of individuals to change the focus of our military and especially our service academy.

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