VP Orange Harris more incongruous than Joe Biden – Indy News

Vice President Kamala Harris is continuing her search for more incongruous than President Joe Biden.

Here is an excellent speech given by Kamala Harris in Louisiana on Monday:

Orange Harris misleads her way through a speech. A new word travels in the salad: “There is so much meaning in spending time.” pic.twitter.com/f3nTOJFxGt

– Daily Caller (aDailyCaller) March 21, 2022

Word Salad:

Unintelligible, extremely chaotic speech or writing manifested as a symptom of mental illness.
A string of empty, incoherent, incomprehensible, or meaningless words or comments

Harris has been practicing his incomprehensible speaking technique with perseverance for many years, honoring his craft with every meaningless sentence that escapes his lips.

Here’s the orange-speaking “demo reel” for you to enjoy:

I made a compilation video of Orange Harris World Salad.

I apologize or welcome you. pic.twitter.com/vTl5qZGHcP

– Greg Price (reg greg_price11) March 21, 2022

See Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Orange Harris guning for your title.


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