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The Washington Free Beacon We are honored to present the second volume of our popular video series “Vip Thoughts with Orange Harris”, which celebrates a politician who has repeatedly shown that HBO’s Vip The most accurate portrayal of the self-absorbed idiots who run American politics and our great country.

Earlier this month, a former aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky aired a suggestion that most Americans would “feel if it were a tragedy.” [Kamala Harris] He has won the presidency. ” Even former Harris staffers – many of whom are resigning these days – are terrified of becoming president.

In fact, it would be a tragedy if Harris “wins the presidency”. Fortunately, this will never happen. With 79-year-old President Joe Biden increasingly physically and mentally ill, he may one day be president, but for now, we can all share laughter at the expense of the whip. Harris, aka “Cuckoo Queen,” is a ridiculous man who continues to embarrass himself, his country, and the failed state of California.

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