Utah Over-Ride Gov.’s Trans Ban; Utah Jazz and ACLU Cry Foul

Despite opposition from the ACLU and state NBA parties, the Utah legislature has over-roaded the governor’s veto of legislation banning men from competing on women’s sports teams. LGBT sympathizers immediately raised the possibility of the state punishing the legislature for what it did.

Earlier last week, Governor Spencer vetoed Cox House Bill 11. The legislature passed the veto immediately – 21-8 in the Senate and 56-18 in the House. Eight lawmakers changed their vote after initially opposing the bill.

The governor’s veto letter to lawmakers surprisingly claims that the science of transgenderism is “contradictory” (no, it is not; men are men and women are women) and in part states:

Utah has a history of trying to approach complex issues in a way that brings cooperation and justice. From immigration and criminal justice reform to LGBTQ protection and religious freedom, Utah has often shown an unusual desire to find new and sympathetic ways to resolve the most toxic debates of our time.

Don’t you know that the NBA Local Social Justice “chapter”, the Utah Jazz, has quickly spoken out against the new law:

Utah Jazz Opposition Discriminatory law. We are committed to the values ​​of inclusion, mutual respect and fair play. Outside of basketball, we hope for a just solution that shows love and compassion for all our youth.

If the jazz were really for fair play, they would appreciate the legislature’s move.

Next year’s NBA All-Star Game is scheduled for Salt Lake City, and trans advocates are already questioning whether the league will let it stand or remove the game from the state.

After North Carolina passed a state law in 2016, NBA Social Justice fighters removed a previous All-Star game from Charlotte that banned men from using women’s restrooms.

The lawsuit was settled out of court, with the ACLU and the Behavior State threatening to sue. The same agency sued Idaho when it had previously passed and still has a similar law Threats To do the same in Utah.

“We are deeply disappointed and saddened by today’s vote in the Utah Legislature for discriminating against transgender youth and excluding them from full participation in sports. Filing a lawsuit to stop HB11 from taking effect is now necessary and inevitable to ensure a constitutional commitment to equal protection for all Utans.

ABC runs a one-sided report against the Good Morning America Act (see photo above).

Utah public schools are already protected by HB3001 from possible litigation costs, which will compensate them for any legal liability. With the legal nullity of the ACLU pending, the law will take effect from 1 July

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