Use the modified MyPilo Online Store – Promotional Code with TGP Discount Page

Mike Lindell’s Mipilo has been targeted by the omnipresent left, the technology giant and the fake news media.

For all intents and purposes Mike and Mipilo’s patriots supported President Trump.

But Mike didn’t cave in to the left – instead he saw an opportunity.

He partnered with Gateway Pundit to find out what people need for a great night’s sleep – without a middle man.

Now, we have a discount page at When you go there and put “TGP” in the promo code box, you’ll get a lot of discounts (plus, the Gateway Pundit benefit when you use that promotional code).

But not only that – now MyPillow has a refined website – it’s easier than ever to find the discounts you need!

Look for this box at the top of MyPillow’s new site and put TGP in it:

When you put TGP in the box, it looks like:

Press Confirm.

Then, you’ll automatically receive discounts across!

Here is a snapshot of the TGP Discount page:

Recent discounts on

My pillow body pillows are:

– Made with MyPillow’s patented interlocking fill
– Machine washable and drying
– Bring a 60-day money back guarantee
– Under 10 year warranty
– Measure 18 ″ x 54.

Here’s what customers say:

– “I’ve never slept with a pillow before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My first night was beautiful. I have had leg injuries in the past and I have been able to sleep without discomfort. I recommend trying this body pillow. “- Jill

– “I would buy a new body pillow every few months, because they would become flat. I have had my pillow body pillow for over a year now and it is as fluffy and comfortable as the day it arrived. This sale price cannot be lost! – And me

– “I’ve been waiting for this since I got my first Maipilo. This is an absolute dream come true. You have done amazing things. “- Frankster

Click here to get this incredible deal with TGP Promotional Code!

Also, Mike has launched a new product – MySlippers – now save 50%!

Mike says: “When I created my new MySlippers I wanted it to have everything you need in a slipper. I wanted a slipper that was more comfortable than anything before but durable enough to be worn all day, inside and out. That’s why I created an exclusive 3-layer cushioning system that combines two layers of foam with a patented impact gel so you never want to take them off. But I didn’t stop there, I finished my My Slipper with beautiful leather suede, comfortable faux fur lining and an indoor / outdoor sole. I guarantee it will be the most comfortable slipper you will ever have! ”

Click here to get a pair of My Slippers in your size – Use TGP Promotional Code to Save 50%!

Also, there is now a special discount page for Gateway Pundit readers.

Put TGP in that box and press “CONFIRM” to get huge discount and help Gateway Pundit.

Click here to go to the Gateway Pundit Discount page.


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