US cove deaths will cross 1 million marks today – more than 600,000 deaths

Since the leak from a Chinese lab in 2019, 999,792 Americans have died from coronavirus and coronavirus.

The United States is ready to strike One million Kovid deaths Thursday.

More than 60% of these deaths also occurred with experimental vaccines under Joe Biden.

When Joe Biden was sworn in as President on January 20, 2021, there were 396,837 deaths in the United States.

Now it has exceeded 800,000.

So more Americans died in the Biden era than in the Trump era, despite the availability of vaccines. But the media response is so different!

– Kiran Kumar S (KiranKS) December 16, 2021

The oppressive protocol set by Dr. Anthony Fawcett, who funded the Wuhan Experimental Lab in China, did nothing to save the Americans. Perhaps the Fawcett killed thousands of Americans with its rules and regulations that prevented Americans from obtaining preventive and curative drugs and gaining animal immunity.

The leftist media will probably ignore this embarrassing milestone. If President Trump were still in office, they would have a daily countdown.

Our prayers are for the family and friends we have lost in the last two years.

Serious Milestone Post Ignored by Fake News Media: US Covid’s Death Will Cross 1 Million Mark Today – More than 600,000 Deaths Under Joe Biden Appeared First in The Gateway Pundit.

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