UPDATE: Fox News reporter ‘hospitalized’ in Ukraine while covering Russian

UPDATE I 3/15/22 3:15 pm: We now know that Benjamin Hall’s crew was hit by a Russian artillery fire and two members of his crew were killed. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in a statement He lost a part of his leg.

Update II 3/16/22 9:14 pm: In Wednesday’s special report, Anchor Brett Bear has announced That is “now safe and out of Ukraine. Ben is alert and in good spirits.” And he told the audience hall and his family to keep their thoughts and prayers.

The original story is given below.

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On Monday, terrible news spread that Fox News State Department correspondent Benjamin Hall was hospitalized while reporting outside Kiev, Ukraine. And according to the account, he was in a non-military area and the damage could be to his feet.

Just before 2:00 p.m., and just before Hall’s identity was confirmed, Fox News presenter John Roberts broke the news that “we hate to go to you, but it will definitely happen in the middle of the conflict,” in which a reporter said the damage was done.

“A Fox News reporter was injured while covering the event outside Kiev. Very little detail, but the teams on the ground are working as hard as they can to gather more information, “he said.” Of course, this is a reminder, it’s a war zone, information that changes very quickly We’re working hard to get all the details. “

And about an hour later, we got more horrible details. Breaking in again, Roberts read the company’s statement, confirming that the journalist in question was indeed:

Emotions are evident in Roberts’ voice.

After a commercial break, co-anchor Sandra Smith returned with Roberts and told the audience, “We’re all praying for Ben.” And Roberts noted, “We still don’t know the extent of his injuries, but we’re all praying for him and his family to come back to us.”

There seems to be some preliminary calculation of the condition of the hall and they are not pretty.

According to a Facebook post, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova included a photo (via translation from Facebook) of Hall’s press credentials, saying, “Two lower extremity explosive fractures – diagnosed with a ‘Roskomirniz’ disease, Ukrainian doctors have treated a British journalist.” “

With a poor translation from Google, Halls appears to have been the victim of an explosion that damaged his leg.

“The man was not at the military base, where, according to Russian officials, they are constantly being targeted. He was seriously injured because of the lack of military facilities, “he added.

Hall was not the first American journalist to be killed in the clashes. Over the weekend, an award-winning filmmaker Time Studio and ex New York Times Photographer Brent Rand was killed while reporting on the fighting outside of Kiev.

Kiev police say Renaud was killed after Russian forces opened fire on his car in Irpin, outside the Kiev capital. Politico Tragic report. “American journalist Juan Aredondo was traveling with Reynolds when they were both shot,” the Associated Press reported. Aredondo was injured in the lower back.

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