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Do you like Nestle chocolate? Many of us grew up with Nestle and Hershey as chocolate when we were little.

This article gives estNestle and other companies the opportunity to recover their lost revenue and seek justice against those who have been attacked by Ukraine through Anonymous and their extortion and damage to their country’s economy.

A few days ago, Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine expressed his disgust with the company, saying that neutral Switzerland was not a good European country.

“Good food. Good life.” This is Nestl’s slogan. Your company that refuses to leave Russia, Zelensky He made the remarks in a speech to the people of Switzerland on Saturday. “Still – when there are threats from Russia to other European countries. Not just us. Even when nuclear blackmail is carried out from Russia.

Nestlé (NSRGF), the world’s largest food and beverage company and manufacturer of Gerber, KitKat, And Dreyer’s ice cream, protect yourself by out that it has gone crazyE-sweeping change from Russia Invades Ukraine

Ukraine’s IT army immediately picked it up, with part of the hacking group Anonymous threatening Nestl মধ্যে among 40 other companies doing business in Russia.

Nestl is the world’s largest publicly held food company. It is the 6th largest company in Switzerland. This represents a significant attack on a company important to the Swiss economy by the Ukrainian army’s cyber group.

What most people don’t realize is that the same people have a day job in the field of cybersecurity and they make up a significant part of the US Intel community. They are feeding their ranked political politics in the President’s Daily Brief (PCB) and are directly influencing the policy that could lead to WWIII.

Professor Michael Jasinski, an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, taught many of them after 9-11. Jasinsky monitored researchers who were later recruited by U.S. intelligence agencies and assessed before their employment.

His remarks show why radical cleansing is needed in both intelligence and terrorism. Their patriotic sentiments were real, he said, but they had a distorted view of the intelligence community. Despite the Hollywood screenplay, which is influenced by the CIA’s “outreach”, the reality is similar to what you might see in a Mission Impossible or Bond film, Jasinsky explained.

“If you’ve ever had personal contact with a ‘three-letter agency’ for a while, you’d think differently,” he said. “My most recent experience with the intelligence community was at MIIS, after 9/11, when agencies were coming in to recruit, and they were recruiting big. They have hired many of my research assistants… and in the process, they will immediately ask their supervisor for my opinion. So I would call them point-blanks: can’t read, can’t write, can’t analyze. It doesn’t matter what I say in their CV, English is the only language they can use at any level. “

Still, they’ll get hired anyway, Jessinsky told me. “The scary political outlook they wore on their sleeves? No matter, they will be recruited anyway. My good assistants all went to work at the UN, IAEA and big NGOs. The dragons went to the detectives, “he said.

Jasinsky told me that he was not surprised when he saw stories of “Russian intervention” and the inability of the intelligence community to protect or use its own cyber-war arsenal responsibly. “There are no shortcuts to this kind of work,” he said. “If you (the country) are going to pay a price if you are expanding rapidly at the cost of dramatically lowering the standard. We are paying it right now.”

Since 2015, US Intel community companies have sought to hire more than 3 million new employees in just a few years. Added to the existing mix around the world, which is 1 Intel rental for every 30 American citizens. They pay to see and impress you.

In today’s information operations scheme, their job is to render your mindset and reconstruct what it means to be a “good American” under the Biden Administration project.

Love and protect Ukraine. Ignore Ukraine’s attack on the American economy. Ignore the skyrocketing gas and consumer prices out of reach. Biden blames Russia for destroying America’s economy by reducing American production. Blaming Russia for the war in Ukraine although Ukrainian sources have clearly stated that Zelensky is responsible. Ignore the Biden administration’s crime and re-elect him and Dames in the medium term. Never-Trumpism at its best.

It is time to defrost the anonymity and the political structure behind them. The American economy cannot handle Biden’s “build back better” because it does not add members of the Intel community to the mix and tanks the NYSE and US business on top of it.

Let’s be clear, anyone involved in the IT army in Ukraine or anonymously is under the control of the Ukrainian army. The image below is of a Ukrainian volunteer who is also in the IT army who is extorting business worldwide and hurting the economy that is supporting these global companies.

This means that a significant portion of the US Intel community has been working directly or indirectly for Ukraine since 2014. They have betrayed the trust of the American people.

The effort is centered on the US Agency for Global Media. USAGM sits inside the US State Department. They were given free rein under the Obama-Biden administration to create a Russia-Russia-Russia narrative in support of the 2014 Ukrainian coup and then turn it against President Trump.

Involved US Intel community companies have been feeding fake Intel to PDB for so long. They have been trying to follow the path of evidence ever since, responsible for destroying journalists and media platforms.

The racist politics that Professor Jasinski spoke of is changing the face of America in Eastern European nationalism of the 1940s, reflecting the thinking of 3rd Reich ideologues under the Biden-Harris administration.

Is there a good reason to bring all intelligence activity back to the agencies that should work and have some responsibility?

If you support Ukraine as an American, your position after 9-11 is no different than actively supporting ISIS or Al Qaeda. This is why the law does not differentiate it from terrorists in Ukraine with guns and anonymous patches.

Such people are supplying all US Intel in Ukraine today.

Until they are exposed by a previous article I published in the CD media, Ukraine neglected to tell volunteers and donors that they had joined the Ukrainian army by taking part in this mess. Because the order is coming from Zelensky’s office, it makes it official.

Since the volunteers are attacking companies and structures in their own country, this is a terrorist act. Read the above carefully. The Ukrainian government acknowledges much of this. After all, if you look at the man in the picture above on the streets of New York or Boston with a weapon and a balaclava, it would be safe to assume that he is a terrorist. With or without weapons, Ukraine detained more than 300,000 people in the same terrorist classification. You are acting as a foreign army attacking your own country or its friendly countries. There are no restriction laws in this regard.

All things considered, anyone who supports it or supports Ukraine is a traitor to their own country.

Zelensky could be accused of committing crimes against humanity with Poroshenko for what Ukraine has done and is doing against Ukrainians, do not think of the Republic of Donbass. The story of mass graves and concentration camps, torture prisons and survivors is beginning to see the light. Ukraine is blaming American and European civilians.

The reason is simple. When all goes to the wire, Zelensky’s only card left is all 300,000+ volunteers and supporters in the hope that he can use your complexity as a reason to release him.

So, how do you unmask anonymously? That whole point right? They are anonymous. Not too much.

While investigating Jeffrey Kumar a year ago, I discovered a direct way to do it. You cannot do this through traceroots or other hackers. This has to be done by exposing the hard evidence to the people involved.

While I was unveiling Kumar’s relationship with Antifa, I discovered the original Antifa site with Seattle, WA IP. The history of the site is interesting because for over 20 years, it has returned to German for profit site, including a cybersecurity site, without changing hands. It started as Antifa and is still Antifa today.

What’s interesting if you read the linked background articles is that the Pirate Party site dashboard is also in German. This becomes clear when the author hovers a mouse over the “bosun”.

The biggest referral to the Antifa site is a man named Ben Uzer, the leader of a German pirate group. Germany represents all the piracy groups around the world in the European Parliament through the “Green”.

German “green” Ukrainian nationalist parties such as the Right Sector, Azov, Idar, etc. represent concerns in the European Parliament.

Sebastian Ulcer, then leader of the pirate group in Germany, said it was a joke when he was put in charge of the burning cities of Antifa in America.

These groups, Anonymous and Antifa, have been supporting the ouster of Donald Trump since November 2017. Are these people loyal members of the American Intel community?

According to the Ephemera Journal, the anonymous relationship with the Pirate Party began to merge in 2012. They made their differences and, like Antifar, the Pirate Party represented them politically.

Now our political relations are recognized in all respects so it is easy to remedy. Investigate pirate team leaders and membership lists in the United States. They are committing criminal and treasonous acts for a foreign country.

Investigate German pirate party leaders, including Sebastian Ulcer and Ben Uzer, for working with Ukraine to attack German businesses such as the Metro and the NYSE in the United States. Go through Utzer’s social media and find the leader of both Antifa and Anonymous.

Investigate German Foreign Minister Bবrbeck because his party represents all groups, including Ukrainian nationalists, in the European Parliament.

Defeat the “Great Reset” to save American freedomFreedom crucified by “religiousization” of climate change

Post unmasking – Zelensky orders anonymity to invade neutral Switzerland on CD media

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