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(Indianapolis, In.) – You may soon be able to carry a handgun without a permit. But, several prominent police officials have said they do not want to see the bill, which was passed by the state legislature this year, become law. One of them is the Indianapolis Metro Police Assistant. Chief Chris Bailey, who said in an op-ed, believes it will make guns more readily available to those who do not obey the law by encouraging the purchase of hay, or those who can legally keep guns can buy guns for those who cannot. .

Bailey added that he believes some criminals will carry around with guns illegally.

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“Right now the law is checking on people who can’t keep weapons. I think taking away that power will allow people to move around more freely with weapons when they know they are not supposed to have them, “he said.

Bailey said he certainly did not believe crime would increase, but that the ability to solve crime would be hampered.

“These investigations will become more complicated for our officers,” he said. “The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office now has 1,300 cases pending against those who possess illegal weapons, each of which is a weapon we do not have now and we cannot test using National Integrated. Ballistic information network. “

Bailey said the network helps link guns to crime, not just in Indiana, but across the country. He did not explain how the pending law would force them to give up that gun.

“The inability to use that tool to solve murder and non-lethal shots is a step backwards for our investigators.”

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