Ukraine has admitted to setting up artillery in residential areas following the Russian

The Ukrainian government has repeatedly condemned the bombing of Russian residential areas, claiming that the besieged country has no strategic military equipment.

Today, following a Russian missile attack on Kiev’s Retroville shopping center, the government inadvertently retreated from the position.

Earlier in the day, Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) announced that it had arrested a ticker who had identified himself by locating Ukrainian artillery near the Retroville Mall in Kiev. The video was thought to have been spotted by Russian intelligence agents and resulted in a missile strike in the area.

“The video shows a ticker who recently posted material on the Internet about the location of the Ukrainian army,” SBU reported. “Next, the shopping center, Near which our defenders wereA powerful missile was fired by Russian occupiers. “

The Kremlin issued a statement confirming that the bombing hit the target, which the Russians claimed was a rocket used by nearby Ukrainians in multi-launch systems.

Ukraine, however, initially chose to dispute these claims. The Prosecutor General’s Office condemned the strike as a “premeditated murder” that violated “the laws and customs of war”, arguing that the target was illegal and used only by civilians. A pre-trial investigation is underway, but the Prosecutor General’s claims have not been verified.

In addition to arresting TikTokker, the site’s photographer before the strike, the SBU confirmed that the shopping center and its environs were indeed legitimate military targets. The Times also claimed that Ukrainians had witnessed mobile missile launchers in the area.

And, unfortunately for both TikTokker and SBU, the idea that Russia has identified from social media posts is contradicted by the release of aerial surveillance footage of the Kremlin. In the video, a UAV tails several Ukrainian military vehicles en route to the mall, indicating that the strike was not the product of a Ukrainian loose person seeking internet fame.

Russian officials have long claimed that Ukraine’s military is using civilians as “shields of flesh” to thwart Russia’s offensive or call Russia a genocide in the international community. Media outlets around the world have ridiculed the claim, but revelations from the strike in Retroville may indicate that there is some truth.

Post Ukraine admits to deploying artillery in residential areas after Russian missile attack

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