UGH – Now the Biden gang needs to make it clear that the United States will not use chemical weapons

The Biden administration and its handlers need to address another Biden error from today’s comments in Poland. Joe Biden’s statement indicating that the United States would use chemical weapons in Ukraine was later addressed by the Biden government.

Fox News reports on Biden’s latest mistake.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States had “no intention” of using chemical weapons, and President Biden said his administration would “actually” respond if his administration used such weapons in Ukraine.

On Friday, Sullivan was asked what Biden meant by “nature.”

Sullivan said “we will respond accordingly” and that Russia would have to pay a “serious price”.

“Based on the nature of Russia’s action, we will collect the form and nature of our response,” Sullivan said. “And we will do that in coordination with our allies.”

“And I’m not going to go beyond that without saying that the United States has no intention of using chemical weapons, for a period of time, under any circumstances,” Sullivan maintained.

Under further pressure, Sullivan responded: “I would just say that Russia has to pay a heavy price for the use of any weapon of mass destruction – nuclear, chemical, biological.”

The Biden gang is spending all its time trying to clear up many of the mistakes Joe Biden made during his trip to Europe. They must have wondered if it was a good idea for him to fly so far from his Delaware home.

Although the mainstream media will not report this, Biden has made numerous mistakes on this trip. He said that “Sanctions never stop “ But this is the complete opposite of what he has said before.

See: Joe Biden Snaps to Reporter’s Question About Putin’s Effectiveness on Sanctions and Resistance

CBS’s @ Inarufini: “Sir resistance did not work”

Biden: “Let’s find something straight. I didn’t say the ban would stop him. Sanctions never stop … ”

– TV News Now (@TVNewsNow) March 24, 2022

Biden told Europe that sanctions “never stop” but not what he has said in the past. This is not what his administration has said in the past.

Joe Biden announces sanctions on Russian officials – then says in NATO speech on Russia Europeans “sanctions never stop” (video)

Biden also said that US troops were going to Ukraine.

Joe Biden tells U.S. troops in Poland they are heading to Ukraine (video)… UPDATE: White House corrects Biden

Biden continues to embarrass the United States on his foreign tour.

Post UGH – Now the Biden gang has to make it clear that chemical weapons will not be used in Ukraine.

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