Turncoat Deep Stator Bill Bar has shouted at President Trump’s concerns

What turned out to be an incredible frustration bill times. After ignoring the massive election and voter fraud in the 2020 election, we now know that he shouted at President Trump about Hunter Biden’s laptop and did nothing about it.

What turned out to be complete frustration bill times. After completing the Muller investigation into corruption based on Hillary propaganda lies, Barr has done virtually nothing since. You now need to ask if his entire tenure as AG was another Deep State setup.

Bar leaves the DOJ completely corrupt. He never addressed the corruption embedded in the department after Obama years, and never addressed multiple crimes (i.e. the Iran deal, IRS abuse, Biden and Obama’s foreign corruption, etc.) in Obama’s years.

There have been attempts to overthrow Mueller Shyam and President Trump, and to this day, the Durham investigation has seldom brought justice to these treasonous acts. Punishment for sedition and sedition is severe, but virtually no one involved in the ongoing attacks and coup attempts on President Trump has been punished by law.

We should hold law enforcement officers to at least the same standards that they protect. The bar did not bring anyone to justice.

Bar has ruined his name for centuries when he did nothing about the stolen election in 2020. Bar looked the other way and allowed the election to be rigged. The corrupt Biden family won the election and, as a result, the good Americans were punished. Now Bill Barr is pushing his book about President Trump and his activities while he is attorney general.

The Daily Mail reports that Barr bragged about his confrontation with President Trump over Hunter’s laptop in his new book.

Former Attorney General Bill Bar Hunter has condemned President Joe Biden for lying about the authenticity of Biden’s laptop.

‘I was very upset during the debate when candidate Biden lied to the American people about laptops. He was completely confronted with the laptop, and he suggested that it pointed to Russian confusion and letters written by some detectives that were baseless – that he knew it was a lie, ‘Bar told Fox on Monday. ‘And I was shocked.’

Barr, who served at the top of the judiciary under former President Donald Trump, is promoting his book, One Damn Thing After Adar.

In it, he writes that Trump tried to ask him about Hunter Biden’s laptop – and he yelled at the president in return.

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