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The city of Tucson, Arizona will make the vaccine mandatory for election workers in the upcoming May special election.

Coincidentally, more than 91% of Democrats in the United States have been vaccinated versus about 60% of Republicans.

It is part of the Democrats’ plan to steal 2022 by blocking the Patriots from voting positions.

Gateway pundits have reported extensive evidence of voter fraud discovered in the 2020 elections in Pima County and Tucson, with several thousand ballots in question. A whistleblower email alleges a conspiracy by Democrats to insert nearly 35,000 fraudulent ballots into the election.

(Video) More than twice the registered population of the city – Pima County 2020 election integrity hearing provides evidence of thousands of fraudulent ballots

They are caught and they will not let it happen again.

AZ Free News reports,

The City of Tucson will require proof of immunization for those wishing to work as election workers for the upcoming special election in May. According to the email received by AZ Free NewsIndividuals must bring their COVID-19 vaccination card and contact information with their Social Security card if they wish to become salaried election workers.

Multiple studies on the vaccine population show that most vaccinated individuals identify themselves as Democrats. According to Press Time, the FDA has approved three booster shot brands for the COVID-19 vaccine: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Janssen-Johnson & Johnson. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the safety of Pfizer and Modern vaccines decreases after five months, while the Johnson & Johnson version decreases after two months.

Less than a year after the FDA initially approved First Emergency Use for the COVID-19 vaccine (EUA), some received three additional boosters on top of their initial shots. On Tuesday, Pfizer-BioNTech applied to the FDA for fourth booster approval. The full FDA approval of a vaccine brand, Pfizer-BioNTech, came at the end of August – about seven months ago.

Voters in the May 22 special election will decide whether to approve Proposition 411, introduced by Mayor Regina Romero and the City Council, to approve a 10-year increase in the half-percent sales tax for travel infrastructure.

Democrats will not stop to prevent free and fair elections.

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