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By Wayne Allen Root

Before I approached the ten thousand pound elephant in the room, President Donald J. Trump’s dignity, I want to address the catastrophic problems we face first. Namely, the intentional destruction of America.

The situation in America at the moment is quite frightening. From within us, thousands of people are being attacked relentlessly at once. I believe America and American exceptionalism hang in the balance.

There is no greater show for the destruction of America than Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Jackson has been exposed as soft on pedophilia and child pornography (not once, but in ten separate cases, he has always chosen the lowest possible punishment possible); He is flexible towards Islamic terrorism (he has represented the terrorists at Guantanamo – for free); He advocates critical race theory, which portrays both America and whites as toxic and evil; And he is completely incompetent (based on the reversal of many of his judgments by the High Court).

To put it bluntly, Jackson could not or would not determine what a woman is. Oh boy Supreme Court? I will not let this woman go to my children.

But why should it surprise anyone? Jackson was chosen based solely on his skin color. Choosing someone based solely on being black and feminine is disrespectful, shamelessly racist, insulting, and disrespectful to every deserving American of any other race or gender. Yet it seems Jackson will be convinced for the country’s highest court.

I repeat to emphasize: America and American exceptionalism are hanging on a thread.

But I have great news for those who love this country, want to fight, and want to make America great again. There is hope on the horizon. On the way to the cavalry.

It must be assumed that we can survive another three years of this massive communist attack on America. And that’s a big question.

But it is now clear that President Donald J. Trump is back to lead the war, bigger and braver than ever.

I say that not only as a political commentator who studies the polls religiously, but also as a witness who has spent close to a week and privately with President Trump in Mar-a-Lago.

First, the vote. The most credible poll there is the RealClearPolitics “Poll of Polls” (meaning the average of many credible votes). According to the poll, Trump is now the most popular politician in America. And it’s not even close. After the media spent billions of gallons of ink to label Trump as racist and dangerous.

Another Emerson College poll found that Trump received only 59 percent of the vote, much more than Biden (or any other national politician).

Finally, in a new survey conducted by the Republican National Campaign Committee, in 77 battlefield congressional districts, Biden sits 15 points underwater. 45% of voters strongly disapprove of what Biden is doing, with only 17% approving.

Rumor has it that 17% of those who strongly approve of Biden live primarily in psychiatric institutions, prisons, and rehabilitation centers.

Now my personal testimony.

My wife Cindy and I have just returned from our honeymoon at Donald Trump’s Magical Estate and private club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. This amazing trophy property could be America’s most valuable residential property.

I see President Trump at dinner every night. I spent close and personal time with the man. And I can tell you a few things that can scare liberals.

* Trump looked healthy, strong and confident.

* Trump was impassive – he was actually spinning records like dinner. He has eclectic taste in opera, rock, rap, pop music. I have no doubt that he can earn millions
Every night in Las Vegas nightclubs as “DJ Prez”!

I have seen Trump, the former leader of the free world, personally hand out prizes to the winners of the men’s, women’s and senior golf tournaments at his Trump International.
Golf club. How about that for worry-free?

However, the senior tournament winner was … Donald J. Trump! The female winner was Trump’s granddaughter. I think you call that … #Joy!

I also witnessed an incident – many famous GOP politicians were lobbying for Trump every night in Mar-a-Lago while I was there, with hats in hand. Republican politicians, including Rhino, who do not pay attention to Trump when talking to the media.

This same big shot GOP politicians have denied that Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. They deny its influence and popularity. Yet they were there, at Trump’s house, begging for his attention and support. So much for that lie.

Trump is the GOP.

Trump is back in the game a lot. She’s got her mojo back. He looks a lot like President # 45 and # 47.

I have no doubt that Trump will win in 2024. But that is only if we can reach 2024.

As I said to President Trump, “I love and appreciate you. I know you were the winner of the 2020 election fraud. After the Biden disaster, I believe you will win the 2024 election by a wide margin. But the real question is, can America survive another three years?

This is the most important question in American history.

Owen Allen Root is known as the “Conservative Warrior”. Wayne’s latest book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book, is the # 1 bestseller. Hosted the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allen Route: Row and Unfiltered” on the Wayne USA Radio Network daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST and the “WAR RAW” podcast. Visit ROOTforAmerica.com, or listen live on USAradio.com, or 24/7 on iHeartRadio.com, or “On Demand” on the Odyssey app.

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