Trump has called on the Clinton-appointed judge to withdraw from the case against him

Former President Donald Trump has called for the removal of a Clinton-appointed judge from his case against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and about 50 others for sabotaging her presidential power.

Trump discussed the case during an interview with BlazeTV host Glenn Beck.

The 108-page indictment includes, but is not limited to, RICO conspiracy, malicious lies, malicious lies, malicious lies, malicious trials, computer fraud and abuse law violations, and trade privacy theft.

“What they did was completely corrupt,” Trump said.

The Blaze reports that the lawsuit will be heard by U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton. In exchange for the grant, he used his position as personal email server and secretary of state to promise a change in US foreign policy. “

EXCLUSIVE: Former President Donald Trump has told me that his case against Hillary Clinton and the DNC is going to a Clinton-appointed judge to address a “complete conflict of interest” that he “probably wants a withdrawal.”

– Glenbeck (@Glenbeck) March 25, 2022

Trump told Beck that it was a conflict of interest and that Middlebrooks should withdraw immediately.

“We have a judge who was appointed by Bill Clinton. And she knows Hillary Clinton very well. And we’re suing Hillary Clinton, “said Trump.

“Now, though, our problem is, if you have a judge who is going to throw the case, and you have to go through the appeal. Yes, I think you have a great application section. But we’ll see. So we’ll probably ask for a recusal. Maybe change the venue. But change is not so much a withdrawal, “he added.

Trump is seeking 72 million in damages in the lawsuit.

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