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Tuesday May 24, 2022

Trump blasts Georgia GOP governor Kemp at ‘Turncoat, coward’ rally

Former President Donald Trump slept with GOP Gov. Brian Kemp during a mass rally in Commerce, Ga. Competing to eliminate Kemp.

“Brian Kemp is a turncoat; he’s a coward,” Trump told the rally.

Trump has been angered by Kemp’s refusal to intervene on behalf of the Georgia governor following allegations of vote rigging during the Georgia gubernatorial election that has turned into a battleground state. Although Trump has often made such allegations, to date, there has been little evidence to suggest that vote fraud during the 2020 election was widespread enough to change the outcome of Joe Biden’s victory.

However, Trump did not spare Kemp or other Republicans whom he considered RINO during his speech.

“Eight months from now, the people of Georgia will vote to dismiss the hardline Democrats and elect a friend of mine and a great man – a great senator and a great man – David Purdue as your governor,” Trump said. “We need him. We need him very much.

“Before we can defeat the Democrats, the Socialists and the Communists, which we are fighting in the ballot box next autumn, we must first defeat the RINO, the Selouts and the losers in the primary this spring. We have a big primary coming to your state here. We’re going to put an end to a very tragic situation here: Renault Governor Brian Kemp, “Trump continued.

“And we are going to replace him with a very strong man and a fearless warrior and someone who was openly confused in the last election; David Purdue has never lost in his life. “

Trump has accused Kemp of criminalizing obstructing law enforcement while allowing radical left-wing Democrats to control the state’s largest cities.

“Your state is in the throes of criminal anarchy because you have a lazy governor,” he said. “It’s in the midst of criminal anarchy.”

“We need to get the camp out of hell,” Trump argued, adding that Democrat Stacey Abrams would defeat Kemp, but not Purdue in the November general election.

“He will burn at the ballot box because they will see it steal from him, and insult him just as he shamelessly stole the Georgia election from under his nose in 2020 – which hit two senators and that hit the presidential candidate,” he said. Said.

“Who is he? That’s what happened to me. The fact is, the Republicans were so angry at the camp and [Secretary of State Brad] Raffensperger that they refused to go out and vote for the two senators, ”Trump continued, citing a number of reports, probably after the January 2 U.S. Senate runoff election, that helped Democrats turn the chamber around because thousands of Republican voters failed to turn up.

Both Purdue and then-US Sen. Kelly Lofeller (R-Ga.) Lost their runoffs to Democratic rivals.

“Make no mistake: David Purdue – a great man and incredible family and really bewildered by Kemp – is the only one who can beat Stacey ‘The Hawks’ Abrams this November,” Trump added.

“Remember, they did nothing but hinder and hinder the process of finding out what happened once and for all,” Trump said. “It’s time to teach RINO a lesson. It must be a lesson they will never forget.

“The days of terrible politicians betraying the Republican electorate, and frankly, the electorate of our country – it’s over.”

Trump then turned his attention to the Biden administration and the Democrats in power in Congress.

“Democrats are bad at the economy; They are terrible on inflation; Army; Taxes are bad; Bad on Ukraine – should never have been – and boy are they bad at being out? We were all ready to leave Afghanistan with dignity, “he said.

“You may not have seen Ukraine because I think [Vladimir] Putin looked up and said, Man, these people are incompetent. “Obviously, the only thing they’re good at is cheating on the election.”

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