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(Washington DC) – White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Giants is leaving the Biden administration.

The coordinator made his announcement Thursday, and President Joe Biden announced his work in a 486-word press release.

“I urge Jeff Giants to lead my administration’s COVID-19 response because there is no one who can deliver better results than Jeff,” the president said.

“COVID-19 is the biggest public health crisis we have faced in my lifetime and for that the country needs to build an emergency response infrastructure from scratch that can quickly and equitably protect people’s lives. Jeff has decades of experience in designing and implementing the infrastructure we need to deliver vaccines, tests, treatments and masks to millions of Americans.

“When Jeff took the job, less than 1% of Americans were fully vaccinated; less than half of us had schools open; and unlike in the developed world, there was no shortage of COVID tests at home in America. Today, about 80% of adults are fully vaccinated. ; More than 100 million boosts; virtually every school is open; and millions of home tests are distributed each month. “The progress he and his team have made has been astounding and more important. Life has been saved,” he said.

“Jeff has worked tirelessly for the last 14 months to help fight COVID. He is a service man and an expert manager. I will miss his advice and I am grateful for his service.

“Thanks to the progress we’ve made, Americans are safely returning to a more normal routine, using effective new tools to reduce serious COVID cases and enable workplaces and schools to be more secure.” But our work is far from over. We must continue our efforts to provide more vaccines and boosters. We must have a vaccine approved for the youngest children. We must improve how our schools and workplaces cope with COVID. Even after lifting many restrictions, we must take special care to protect the weak from COVID. We need to provide tests, treatment and masks. We must fight the virus abroad, be prepared for new waves and new forms – all that can come. And we must work with Congress to finance these important steps, as the time to get ahead of the virus is running out, ”the president said.

“I am excited to nominate Dr. Ashish Jha as the new White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator to lead this effort. Dr. Zhao is a leading American public health expert, and a well-known figure to many Americans from his knowledgeable and quiet public presence. And as we enter a new moment in the epidemic – implementing my national COVID-19 preparation plan and managing the ongoing risks of COVID – Dr. Jha is the right person for the job.

“I commend both Jeff and Dr. Zha for working closely together to ensure a smooth transition, and I look forward to continued progress in the months ahead.”

The news comes that Dr. Anthony Fawcett has indicated that he may retire.

“I’ve said we’ll stay in what I’m doing until we get out of the epidemic, and I think we can already be there,” the country’s top immunologist said in Friday’s ABC News podcast Start Here episode.

“If we can stay in it, we’re at a point where I feel like we’re done, but I have no plans to leave right now, but you never know,” he continued.

When asked by ABC’s Brad Mill if he thought about retiring, Fawcett admitted he was.

“I have to, because I have to do it sometimes. I can’t stay in this job forever. Unless my staff is going to find me slumed at my desk one day. I’d rather not do it,” he added.

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