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Monday May 23, 2022

Todd worried Biden Jackson won’t get a polling bounce from confirmation

The war in Ukraine is still raging and hundreds of innocent Ukrainians are being killed in indiscriminate Russian bombings. Very needed polling bump.

At the end of the discussion with his panel on Sunday Meet the press, Todd from Ukraine and turned the conversation back to the upcoming confirmation hearing for Judge Jackson. Todd mourned the loss of Jackson because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine “Looks like it’s going to be a thought.”

Turning to PBS News HourIts chief correspondent, Amna Nawaz, asked Todd that the hearings would not get much attention and – more importantly, to Todd – was it important? “Has President Biden been hurt politically because he doesn’t get some after-glow?”

Nawaz never answered Todd directly. Instead, he said “One of the big questions is whether it has enough assembly effect. A supportive effect that carries the medium term.” Since the hearing is “It’s happening so fast” Senate “Democrats want to end this with an Easter break anyway.”

“So do the Republicans. They seem to want to end it, too.” Todd observes the cause “They can’t question him about inflation.”

Andrea Mitchell, Washington’s chief correspondent and MSNBC host, commented on how she felt. “Republican votes may change because they now feel they have to be locked up.” What a gushing before “Historic Moment” This probably refers to the fact that Jackson was the first black woman to be nominated to court.

Todd agrees, responds “So we wanted to make a quick note of it here.”

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Click “Extend” to read the relevant transcript:

NBC’s Meet the press
11:27:40 AM

Chuck Todd: Presented next week – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s debut. And here it is, it seems to be a thought. It’s going to be our old way of telling the Washington Post, A4 story. And you know, whatever? Am I assuming that President Biden was hurt politically because he didn’t get some after-glow?

Amna Nawaz: I mean, one of the big questions is, will it affect a rally? A supportive effect that carries in the medium term. It’s happening so fast. Democrats want to end it with the Easter break anyway.

TODD: So not Republican. They want to get it to the end it seems too.

Nawaz: That’s right.

Todd: Because they can’t question him about inflation.

Nawaz: Of course, but they can still ask him a lot. I think in many ways this is going to be a repetition of the hearing he went through about a year ago. Right? A lot of the same problems are coming up, not much has changed since then and the lens has completely re-focused. America is looking at different things.

Andrea Mitchell: Some Republican votes may change because they now think they should have a lockstep against him.

Todd: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Mitchell: The other thing is it’s not going to change the character of the court because he’s replacing Brayer, and so it’s a liberal for the liberals, and it’s not going to change the vote in court. This is a historic moment, though, and we should not ignore it.

Todd: I totally agree and that’s why we wanted to make a quick note of it here.

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