To date, the single independent, purposeful, and complete Dominion has not been fully audited

Dominion voting machines were used in various states and counties across the country. Yet, since the 2020 election, none of the Domino machines used in the 2020 election have been independently, purposefully, and fully audited.

Dominion voting machines were used throughout the country in the 2020 elections, not in all states, but in many. But since the 2020 election, these machines have not been fully inspected by independent and objective experts.

We reported today that in a small audit of the county in New Mexico, the state is threatening the county to buy new machines if the county dares anyone to investigate these machines.

Democrats and Dominion are now trying to stop the 2020 election audit in New Mexico – the US House Oversight Committee is getting involved.

In Pennsylvania, the investigation in Fulton County is similarly stuck when the state threatens the county to buy new machines after previous attempts to investigate the machines. Now Democrats, RINO and Democrats have blocked an investigation in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which is taking time to rule. Based on previous court rulings, they will probably not allow the county to investigate their machine.

EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania audit delayed until PA Supreme Court hears word of closure on Friday

Dominion machines have not been investigated in other states. The only audit of the Dominion machines was in Antrim County, Michigan, where investigators were not allowed to complete their work.

Antrim County Attorney Deparno Bombshell Releases Report – Claiming County Voting Machines Logged Remotely – Confirms Full Antrim Election

To the good Americans, it is objectionable that Dominion machines are purposeful and not fully inspected by independent auditors or investigators. The high time that it takes place.

Post Dissatisfaction: To date, not a single independent, purposeful and complete audit of the Dominion voting machine used in the 2020 election has been conducted at The Gateway Pondy.

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