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WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was released from hospital on Friday, a week after he was admitted with flu-like symptoms. The court said Thomas was released from Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington early Friday morning. He was admitted on the evening of 18 March. Examination revealed that Thomas, 73, had an infection and was taking intravenous antibiotics. The Supreme Court has ruled that Thomas did not have Covid-19; He got vaccines and booster shots. The health and well-being of Supreme Court judges is closely monitored, especially for judges whose judicial philosophy differs from that of the White House governing body. Thomas is one of the most conservative members of the Supreme Court. He was in hospital the same week as the Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing for Justice Ketanzi Brown Jackson, nominated by President Joe Biden to fill the seat of retired Justice Stephen Brayer. Thomas has served on the High Court since 1991, when he was nominated by then-President George HW Bush and confirmed by the Senate. Ginny, Thomas’s wife, is under investigation for discussing how she attended a rally of then-President Donald Trump in a White House suburb before a crowd of supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. House.

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