“This is a third world war,” Zelensky predicted

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a stern warning to the world as he prepares to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I am ready to talk to him. I’ve been ready for the last two years. And I don’t think we can end this war without negotiations, “he told CNN.

“If we have a 1 percent chance of ending this war, I think we need to take this opportunity. We have to do that. Let’s talk about the consequences [these] Compromise: In any case, we are losing people every day, innocent people on the ground, “he said.

“Russian forces have come to destroy us, to kill us. And we can prove that the dignity of our people and our military is that we are capable of dealing a strong blow, we are capable of retaliating. But, unfortunately, our dignity is not going to save lives, “said the President of Ukraine.

“I think we need to use any format, any opportunity, the possibility of talks, the possibility of talking to Putin. But if that effort fails, it will mean a third world war, “he said.

Ukraine’s president has ridiculed Putin’s claim that his country has Nazis and blamed Putin for being “like the Nazis.”

“All we have now in Mariupol is in Leningrad. Everyone knows how many people died in the siege of Leningrad, “he said.

“These people died because they did not have enough food and water,” he said. “Then who is the Nazi?”

He said he feared the Russian president might be ready to take “terrible steps” to seize the city.

“The reality is that if he is serious about this statement, he may be able to take very serious action because it would mean that this is not a game for him,” he said.

“If he’s serious about it, if he thinks it’s his goal to conquer our territory, and if he sees signs of neo-Nazis in our country, then there are a lot of questions about what else he can do for the sake of his ambitions.” , For the sake of its mission, ”he said.

He reiterated his support for NATO membership, saying that his nation would not have been attacked by Russia if it had been a member of NATO.

“I am ready to talk to him. I have been prepared for the last two years and I think that without negotiations we will not be able to end this war, “said Ukrainian President Zelensky. @ Kenzakaria Efforts to end the war through talks with Russian President Putin are worthwhile. pic.twitter.com/VdLKveKMoE

– CNN (CNN) March 20, 2022

“If we were NATO members, the war would not have started. I want security for my country, for my people, “he said.

“If NATO members are ready to see our alliance, do it immediately because people are dying every day,” said the Ukrainian president.

“But if you’re not ready to save the lives of our people, if you want to see us wander between two worlds, if you want to see us in this dubious position where we don’t understand whether you can accept us or not,” he said. You can’t put us in this situation, you can’t force us to stay in this limbo. “

“I personally requested that we take you to NATO in one or two or five years, say directly and explicitly, or not. And the response was very clear, you are not going to be a NATO member, but publicly, the door will remain open, “he said.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that President Joe Biden should visit Ukraine during his visit to Europe, but US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield has said that would not be the case.

“I do not see any discussion of the president going to Ukraine. But you have to remember, we discouraged Americans from going to Ukraine. This is a country of war. I can’t imagine it being on the table, “he told CNN.

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