They can’t move forward: Slam Saki in Covid from left to Reporters, fear of new

Thursday’s Saki show reminds viewers of a sad but necessary reminder that many people in the liberal media will never rely on coronavirus for their inclination toward horror porn and restrictions in daily life. Due to the positive testing of the new Omicron variant and second gentleman Doug Emhoff, numerous journalists pressured the press secretary to re-establish them from the left.

The AP’s JK Miller began questioning when President Biden was last examined in light of Emmahoff’s diagnosis and the Irish prime minister (whom he was supposed to meet) and when Saki said the final test was on Sunday, a long-winded comment disguised as Miller’s question. Offered.

Biden’s medical team insisted on a degree that was considered “close contact”, saying it was worth the drill. “It’s something people across the country are dealing with every day.” And if seen as a positive test for the future President and / or First Lady “A failure” Or “The Reality of Life.”

The Wall Street JournalTarini’s party later returned to it, suggesting Biden “Test[ed]… at this time of day … out of sheer caution … because he’s the president. “

Calling for Biden’s age, Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein asked if the lack of enthusiastic response was a sign for Americans. “[y]You can go back to your normal life, and you shouldn’t worry … if you’re open. ” Although “Covid … could be more serious” For someone of Biden’s age.

A reliably generous voice in the house, The Washington PostMatt Visar questioned whether Biden’s “behavior” should add “change” or “caution” when he was traveling to Europe.

And finally the fool section, Politico Correspondent and MSNBC host Jonathan Lemmy wanted to know about any “warnings and preparations” by the federal government. “Taking … and encouraging states to take forward a potential new covid wave” And that’s because the US hit hard “At a time when many Americans are losing protection from their booster.”

Non-covid but still numb section, Scott Detro of NPR There was a softball about the “official” side of the president, Brian Lowry of McClatchy Further attacks against Senator Josh Howley (R-MO), and Patsy Vidakuswara of VOA Compare Russia’s aggression in Ukraine with Israel occupying Golan Heights (click “Expand”):

Detroit: Given the fact that the president likes to share his Irish pride – his Irish heritage but also that –

Pisaki: She does.

Detro: – Too formal –

Pisaki: “More Irish than Irish.” He said, what happened? “Irish Americans consider themselves more Irish.” I think that’s true. I’ll confirm it. Go ahead.

DETROW: – But that’s the way it is, and that’s a lot of formal work.

Pasaki: Yes.

Detro: – Canceled over the last year, I wonder: Did he express particular frustration or regret that the Oval meeting had to become another zoom meeting today?


Lori: A follow-up to your statement about Senator Howley. Apparently, he has consistently voted against the presidential nominees. I don’t think he was a swing vote that you’re counting on. However, what is his criticism, the explosiveness of this line of attack – do you think it will affect your ability to win other Republican votes? Are there any concerns about this campaign to increase pressure on Senators Collins and Murkowski, who may be more likely to vote for Jackson?


Widakushwara: As the administration condemns and takes action against Russian aggression in Ukraine, does the Trump administration have any plans to reconsider, review, and withdraw its recognition of Israel’s accession to the Golan Heights and its annexation of Morocco in Western Sahara?

PSAKI: I don’t have any updates on that front. I will point to the State Department.

Vidakushwara: But for now, can you describe the administration’s position on the difference between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights?

Pisaki: I’ll point you to the State Department.

Fortunately, Jackie Heinrich of Fox Used his time Welcoming their help in a new Iran deal, as well as pinning Saki in the hypocrisy of widely banning and condemning Russia as a war criminal.

In response, Saki offered him a combination of reminders “We have no agreement at the moment.” And it is in the interests of American national security to do everything possible to deter Iran “Acquisition[ing] A nuclear weapon … despite efforts by former President Trump to get us out of the deal.

Fortunately, after Philip Wegman of Real Clear Politics Follow (Click “Extend”):

Heinrich: The president yesterday called Putin a “war criminal.” The Secretary of State has just said that this was also his view today. So, in light of all this, why are we still negotiating Putin’s negotiations with Russia over Iran’s nuclear deal?

Pisaki: Well, I would say that it is not in our interest to acquire Iran’s nuclear weapons, and that Russia is a member of the P5 + 1. Thus, it is in pursuit of an agreement that would be in the interests of our national security.

Henrik: So, basically we’re just stuck working with him?

Pisaki: Well, again, I think the president and the P5 + 1 partners or the Europeans or others see it as: if we can find a diplomatic solution where we can prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon – despite the former president’s efforts. Trump will allow Iran to go a long way in getting us out of the deal – to move closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon, which would be good for our national security and good for global security.


Heinrich: And then, did the IGRC – or – did something – or rather, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the IRGC – do anything to qualify for removal from the blacklist of terrorism?

PSAKI: Okay, I think you’re asking me this because it was a potential discussion, but there’s no agreement at the moment. So, if and when there is an agreement, we will discuss what is in the agreement.

Henrik: Outside of the agreement, though, does it take steps to remove that terror from the blacklist? Do you have to do anything to get it off?

Pasaki: You have to make a decision, yes.


Wegman: If the United States still plans to engage Russia in the Iran nuclear deal, and perhaps some of these other climate initiatives, what does President Biden expect to bring Russia to the table? I know what the goal is – that we do not want nuclear weapons from Iran – but how does the president think that Putin will help him after he has become a just man on the world stage?

Pisaki: Is it related to Iran’s nuclear deal? I think our view is that it is, obviously, not in our interest, nor is it in Russia’s interest that Iran acquire a nuclear weapon, and so, during this discussion – I mean, the people have returned to their capital. Time point, you know, but they’re, for all intents and purposes, moving. Russia has had its role and implementation in the past, but I think that what we acknowledge is that it is not in their interest and we will consider – to continue on the diplomatic path.

And, later in the briefing, Wegman and Daily messageIts Rob Kirley Ask Related New York Times Reporting About Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

To see the relevant transcript from the March 17 briefing (including Question from FBN’s Edward Lawrence Progressives call for a ban on U.S. oil exports), click here.

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