“The words ‘good, swaying and confused’ really apply to its inhabitants

What a disaster this past week for the Biden administration. For those of us who have seen him since taking charge of the White House, Biden’s tour of Europe turned out to be as expected. Now the world knows Biden is out for lunch.

What could be wrong when the free world leader is older and has a family relationship with his secretary of state George Soros? Well, we saw last week what could be wrong. Everything.

The Biden gang is now spending all its time on the many mistakes Joe Biden made during his trip to Europe. Although the mainstream media will not report it, Biden has made numerous mistakes on this trip. He said that “Sanctions never stop “ But this is the complete opposite of what he has said before.

See: Joe Biden Snaps to Reporter’s Question About Putin’s Effectiveness on Sanctions and Resistance

CBS’s @ Inarufini: “Sir resistance did not work”

Biden: “Let’s find something straight. I didn’t say the ban would stop him. Sanctions never stop … ” pic.twitter.com/RRh6sf4uSt

– TV News Now (@TVNewsNow) March 24, 2022

Biden told Europe that sanctions “never stop” but not what his administration has said in the past.

Joe Biden announces sanctions on Russian officials – then Europeans say NATO sanctions on Russia “never stop” (video)

Biden added that US troops were “going to Ukraine and some were already there.”

Joe Biden tells U.S. troops in Poland they are heading to Ukraine (video)… UPDATE: White House corrects Biden

Biden continued to embarrass the United States during his foreign tour with numerous misrepresentations that had to be clarified.

Dominic Lawson made this observation in the Daily Mail about Biden’s tour of Europe.

After Vladimir Putin sent Russian troops to Ukraine, there were numerous reports – some ‘US spies’ were blamed – claiming that the Kremlin’s occupiers had gone ‘crazy’ or ‘sick’.

Dismissing such speculation, I wrote here that Putin did not lose his marble, and that he was the same gangster he always was: ‘To get sick: does he look weak, hesitant or even confused? I don’t think so. ‘

Unfortunately, it is a legitimate question to ask President Joe Biden, the leader of the free world, during the most dangerous tensions between East and West since the Cuban Missile Crisis 60 years ago.

In contrast to the number of his murders in Moscow, the term “good, swaying and confused” really applies to White House residents.

If it was only 79-year-old Biden’s physical weakness, it wasn’t too much of a problem: the president who led the world’s greatest military power until the end of World War II, Franklin Roosevelt, was confined to a wheelchair.

The failure of mental acuity is much more serious.

This, of course, has been raised about Biden before – especially during his campaign for president in 2020. But he was effectively protected by his team from direct confrontation with the press or indeed the public – a tactic that seemed far less likely to have been suspected during the Coronavirus epidemic.


In recent days and weeks, however, evidence has mounted that Biden’s hold on policy or even reality is weakening. And when it comes to war and peace, the consequences can be devastating.

The most recent example came on Saturday, when the president delivered a speech in Warsaw dedicated to the war in Ukraine and what the West’s response should be. The official text, as handed over in advance by the White House, was excellent. My congratulations to those who wrote it.

Towards the end, however, the president made a mistake in speaking his mind and declared to Putin: ‘For God’s sake, this man can’t stay in power.’ In other words, he called for a change of government in Russia.

It is clear to us that Biden is not in a position to be president. Now the whole world knows.

The post “The words ‘good, swaying and confused’ really applies to White House residents” – the foreign press first appeared in The Gateway Pundit after Biden’s visit to Europe.

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