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Tuesday May 24, 2022

The White House was forced to clean up Biden’s mess after Joe flicked and spoke

As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his brutal aggression in Ukraine, the White House has been forced to create multiple, and extremely serious, flop president Joe Biden in Europe.

The White House on Friday insisted that US troops would not be deployed in Putin’s war in Ukraine, adding that Biden’s comments to troops in Poland seemed to suggest otherwise. Biden was speaking to U.S. service members in Poland about how the average Ukrainian citizen was “rising” to tell Putin to go for the pound of sand when he said:

“You’re going to see when you’re there – some of you are there – you’re going to see a woman, a young man, in the middle, standing in front of a curse tank, saying, ‘I’m not leaving, I’m holding my ground.’

Our troops are not going to Ukraine because it will, as Biden acknowledged earlier, in World War 3. So it’s not an unnecessary gaff from a guy who doesn’t seem to be able to get a speech by creating a horrible flop.

“The president has made it clear that we are not sending US troops to Ukraine and that there is no change in that position,” said a White House spokesman.

However, this is the only embarrassment and probably the result is that biden was not made in Europe.

He suggested that we use chemical weapons in Ukraine if Putin does, which, again, is essentially World War III.

White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan had to clear that mess for Biden.

From the New York Post:

This is not the first time that Biden has made an impure remark during his third foreign trip as president. During a 19-minute press conference in Belgium, Biden said on Thursday that the US response to Russian troops using chemical weapons would “depend on the nature of the use” – then nodded, saying the United States would “actually” respond.

White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan told reporters at Air Force One on Friday that Biden’s “identical” remarks were not intended to be a threat to the United States from using chemical weapons against Russia.

“The United States has no intention of using chemical weapons under any circumstances,” Sullivan said.

Joe Biden, probably by accident, tells U.S. troops that they are going to Ukraine.

“You’re going to see when you’re there,” he told Poland’s 82nd Airborne Division.

You see women, young men standing in the middle, in front of a curse tank saying I’m not leaving. ”

– Ford Fisher (Fordfisher) March 25, 2022

Joe Biden had just called the Polish president an “envoy.”

– Real Mac Report (eRealMacReport) March 25, 2022

The post White House was forced to clean up Biden’s mess after Joe Flob and the soldiers were told they were going to Ukraine


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