The white English actor claims to be a black, trance, Oscar-winning actress

You know what If I can’t cut it in the world of professional acting as a man, then as a “woman” I can pass on and strive for success in the field, perhaps a good career step. After all, I could reach the heights of fame and fortune and then mainstream culture would also praise me for my courage in removing my genitals.

If you can’t beat them, join them. At least that was the joke made by Lawrence Fox, a right-wing political scholar who turned from a British actor into a recent tweet.

In a somewhat subtle joke aimed at waking up Hollywood, Fox tweeted that she now identifies as a “trans-color actress of color” who is looking forward to an Academy Award-winning career from this day forward.

And honestly more power to the “recovery party” leader. If a man can identify as a woman and beat Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Moss to win the Golden Globe in the female acting category, why wouldn’t anyone take Fox by surprise?

His tweets, Posted March 23, Read, “Some personal news. I am a woman. My name is Lauren Fox and I want to cast Winnie Mandela, a multi-colored actress, in a film for which I am hoping for an Oscar. “

Oh how stunning and brave. Fox, who became a white man, insisted that she was not just a woman and an African, but an Oscar-winning actress. Well if that’s his personal truth, isn’t it? Who would dare to question it?

He then added, “It’s time to push back against the show business community’s systemic misogyny and transphobia.” Okay, and the only way to do that is to hand over the highest honor in the world of acting to this brave woman.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Fox a joke. This man, who was an actor until he was blacklisted by the industry for his right-wing views in 2020, is the leader of a political party that seeks to destroy the awakening and political correctness in British politics.

In an interview with Breitbart in 2021, Fox – who was running for mayor of London at the time – described the resurgence of the country’s horrific lineage. “I think we are seeing a combination of Maoism and a growing, completely new fundamentalist religion that has no forgiveness, no remorse.”

See where the culture is now. Only a strong awakening religion can make the once intelligent man see trans women as biological women. And when people like JK Rowling openly disagree with such insane notions, they are not forgiven, nor are they remorseful for the guilt of their thoughts.

Now, we have to admit that male swimmer Leah Thomas is the fastest female swimmer alive, that biological male Amy Snyder is the highest earning female risk taker! According to the Golden Globes, the contestant is always, and that male model / actor Michela J. Rodriguez is the best female actress on TV.

Well maybe we should take advantage of this opportunity. Maybe I just need a surgery and then I can be a professional ball player, and a very beautiful one.

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