The vaccine mandate still reigns in the MLB

With the MLB negotiation lockout over, the teams can now get ready for a season of normal baseball … well, sort of.

While the MLB is leaning in the right direction in terms of the loose coveted protocol (underage leagues not to be vaccinated for next season), some cities where the MLB must play the game will still maintain a number of unreasonable orders.

If any of the major leagues in Toronto want to play the game, they must be vaccinated – no exception. The Canadian government originally made an exception for non-vaccinated athletes to come to the country, but it expired in January and will not be renewed. This should come as no surprise, as the Canadian Parliament is relentlessly cracking down on anyone who disobeys orders.

Nor should it be surprising that New York City is another metropolis where coward hysteria will still affect the normal flow of sports activities. Members of the New York Yankees or New York Mets must be vaccinated if they want to continue playing at their home stadium.

According to the NYC Health website, anyone working in the city will have to be vaccinated – although there will be no thousands of fans who participate in the games, no spectators or coaches.

“Employees in New York City who work privately or communicate with the public during business must show proof that they have received a COVID-19 vaccine. Businesses cannot allow an uninsured worker to work in their workplace, “the order reads.

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While anyone who sees this fact pattern will see that it is filled with inconsistent arguments, a spokesman for NYC Mayor Eric Adams says that somehow, it will protect NYC citizens from great harm.

“We need to think about the health of about nine million people. No one is trying to hit Kiri Irving or the Yankees player, “said a spokesman (Irving had similar problems in the NBA).

While it may seem great to want to keep people safe, nothing about this strategy is based on the desire to protect New Yorkers; This is one last attempt to retain control that our government and city leaders held for two years during the Kovid epidemic.

Think. If you really want to save ninety million people, don’t you have to vaccinate everyone (all athletic staff on both teams), and have strict protocols for playing in the park? If so, why is this not happening?

Make sense of it, one way or another. Either someone has to be vaccinated, or leave power for once.

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