The U.S. military says in a statement that it is “unconcerned” about the release of troops

Last week, the U.S. Army joined other branches of the U.S. military in an effort to clean up the ranks of all their vaccine opponents by announcing the separation of three soldiers who refused to take up probationary jobs. This is the first time the military branch has disrespected the troops above the order.

The initial round of cuts also included six army leaders who had been removed from their posts, including two battalion commanders. More than 3,250 soldiers were also quoted as saying they were still refusing to comply with the order, according to a March 18 U.S. military statement.

Disrespectful discharge is expected to increase in the coming weeks as the military brass is finally looking to implement the mandate a few months later.

From the U.S. military:

“As of March 17, 2022, the Army has separated 3 soldiers for refusing a valid order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

To date, army commanders have released a total of six regular army leaders, including two battalion commanders, and issued written reprimands to regular army soldiers for refusing to vaccinate 3,251 general officers.

As the military continues to access and discharge troops and refine data tracking mechanisms, the percentage of vaccinations will vary slightly. “

According to the latest publicly available information, there are thousands of soldiers in the military alone who have not yet received the experimental vaccine. In all, there are already more than 2,600 soldiers who have refused to be vaccinated under any circumstances, and thousands more who have applied for medical and religious exemptions. However, since the announcement of the Biden Mandate, the Army has made a total of 9 concessions, so one acceptance is more than a longsheet.

The military has been the slowest of the five U.S. military branches to begin punishing troops for complying with vaccine regulations. In other branches, they have been pushing dissidents for months, with thousands of world-class soldiers being fired across the board.

From American Military News:

In a statement to American Military News, the military released three vaccine-related involuntary breaks, along with other changes to its service-wide immunization record. With these three separations, the military has now joined the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force, which has already separated hundreds of service members from the military for vaccines.

Among the Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force, the military separates a total of 1,797 members. As of this week, the Navy has voluntarily separated 544 sailors. The Air Force has isolated 212 airmen. The Marine Corps has 1,038 recruits, more than any other branch combined. “

While America’s enemies abroad are working to become stronger, the U.S. military is busy pushing the awakened ideology and gender theory, as well as refining the ranks of its most effective and well-equipped members to refuse to be tested in science.

Meanwhile, Biden and the rest of the Uni-Party, Warhawk DC Swamp – and their bootleggers in the establishment media – are all pressuring Americans to lay down their lives for “global democracy” in a heated war with Russia.

Post-wax purge continues: The U.S. Army officially began disrespectfully discharging soldiers who had not received the experimental vaccine, first appearing at The Gateway Pundit.

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