The states, led by the GOP, have taken action against high gas prices.

(Washington DC) – Joe Biden has skyrocketed gas prices.

An 18-month chart shows that rising U.S. gas prices coincided with Biden’s office takeover.

Now, the GOP-led states are taking matters into their own hands

They are reducing taxes to increase gas prices.

Politico Report:

Decades of high inflation are already plaguing Americans. Then came the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which pushed up gas prices.

Now, the blue and red states alike are coming up with a solution that makes a great headline: Reduce gas taxes.

As federal action has stalled on the issue, some states are rapidly suspending their own fuel taxes to cope with the price push at the pump. Governors and state lawmakers, in the middle of an election year, say it is a necessary relief for drivers.

In Maryland, GOP Governor Larry Hogan enforced a 30-day gas tax moratorium.

WTOP reports:

In an effort to stem rising pump prices, Maryland on Friday enforced a temporary moratorium on its gas taxes in the country’s first state.

Governor Larry Hogan has signed into law the emergency law, announcing a 30-day gas tax holiday after unanimous approval from the Maryland House and Senate. The Maryland gas tax break of 36 cents per gallon, effective immediately, means a driver with a 12-gallon tank will save about $ 4.32 on a fill-up.

“Of course, this is not going to be a cure-all,” Hogan said at a bill signing ceremony Friday afternoon. “Market volatility will continue to cause price fluctuations, but we will continue to use every tool at our disposal to provide immediate relief to Marylanders.”

In Georgia, GOP Governor Brian Kemp has suspended gas taxes until May.

WRBL reports:

Governor Brian Kemp signed a law suspending Georgia’s energy tax until May 31.

Legislators in both houses of the General Assembly passed House Bill 304 without opposition.

They wanted to stop motorists from getting higher gas prices.

Georgia’s petrol price includes a federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon and a state tax of 29.1 cents per gallon.

Florida has agreed to suspend gas taxes – but the changes will not take effect until October.

WPTV reports:

Florida drivers will find some relief at the gas pump, but it won’t come soon.

On Wednesday, state lawmakers agreed to suspend the state’s gas tax, but not until October.

They said the move was made by the end of the year because then fewer tourists were coming to the state, hoping to benefit local residents as compared to visitors from outside the state.

Now, even Dame governors are pressuring Congress to suspend the federal gas tax – so far, their efforts have been blocked by Democrats in Congress.

Politico reports:

Democratic governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin have backed congressional efforts to suspend the 18.4-cent federal gas tax until next year. But the move has stalled in Congress as Democrats fear losing revenue that would reduce the infrastructure bill signed by President Joe Biden, which was passed last year.

Maine lawmakers are now discussing the idea of ​​suspending the state’s gas tax.

WMTW reports:

As prices continue to rise as Russia’s aggression in Ukraine continues, a state legislator is seeking some relief.

Republican Laurel Libby of Auburn on Sunday submitted a bill after an emergency deadline that would suspend state gas taxes for the remainder of 2022. He will pay for it using Maine’s $ 1.2 billion budget surplus. The state of Maine’s gas tax is currently 30 cents per gallon.

“It’s a policy that will help the Maine family and the Maine business.” Libby told WMTW News8. “I think it makes sense to use some of that extra revenue from the Maine people to benefit the Maine people at the pump.”

An attempt by Washington State to suspend the gas tax has failed more than once due to blocking Democrats.

King5 reports:

Olympian Democrats have rejected the idea of ​​suspending gas taxes in Washington state due to rising pump prices.

Senate Majority Chair Andy Bilig (D-Spoken) has said that suspending the gas tax would only help oil companies. The state’s gas tax is more than 49 cents per gallon and the highest in the country.

Through Senate Bill 5897 in January, Republican senators proposed a gas tax replacement in the $ 15 billion state surplus fund. The bill never came out of the committee.

While the GOP-led states have taken action, the Dem states have been shaken

The states, led by GOP, take action against high gas prices, Dem States Dither first appeared in The Gateway Pond.

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