The soldiers were shocked when Joe Biden spoke embarrassingly and stuffed pizza under his mouth.

Joe Biden has made headlines in Poland today.
Biden said US troops were going to Ukraine.

He visited the troops at a mess hall.

Notice that no huge crowd is waiting for this guy to shake his hand.

Biden tells U.S. troops they will remain in Ukraine in apparent confusion

– New York Post (ponypost) March 25, 2022

He then told a ridiculous story about his son using “Hunter” as his last name for some reason. What’s wrong?
Look at these boys and their expressions!


“Okay, if you start eating, I’m going to sit down and have something to eat.”

Press Biden eating pizza with members of the service in Regesjo, Poland.

– ABC News (@BC) March 25, 2022

These guys check out.

Troops upset over Bafun’s “presidency”@ JobidenSoldiers “dig” to get that pizza like an animal before they get anything. The military always eats the last of the senior officers! (And there are some rules for crying out loud) !!

– Greg Kelly (gregkellyusa) March 25, 2022

The post Joe Biden Speaks Embarrassingly And Stuffs Pizza In His Face The Troops Are Shocked First Appears In The Gateway Pundit.

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