The shocking report is that the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion is taking an offensive position

As the Russian aggression intensifies, countless Ukrainians are being displaced from their homes and fleeing for their lives, but, according to some of them, it is not just Russia that is worried.

It is their own army.

No one is saying that these people will not be in danger if Putin decides not to go to Ukraine, but no one assumes that Zelensky’s armed forces will intimidate innocent civilians and refuse to allow them to flee the battlefield, with some refugees claiming they are doing just that.

Dozens of shocking video testimonials have surfaced over the past few days alleging that Ukrainian troops, including the Nazi-affiliated Azov Battalion, are setting up offensive positions in civilian areas such as neighborhoods and apartment buildings to attack Russian troops – mainly in populated areas. Citizens, including women and children, are being used as “human shields” with assurances of firing.

This deplorable tactic was used by jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan to cause unnecessary civilian casualties.

Twitter user John Cinmedo, aka Hat Tip. AYou are a black soulA compilation of those Mega-thread Video interviews from recent days.

Let’s see:

Residents of Mariupol: The Ukrainian army evicted us from our homes for firing squads, to pick up elderly people and children. They lock the families in the basement and abandon them. The Russian soldiers rescued us, they are our brothers.

– Juan Fearless (Youblacksoul) March 20, 2022

More witnesses from Mariupol. The Azov Battalion placed artillery in their backyards, hid openings in the green corridors from civilians, and drove people out of their buildings for military positions. Where the city authorities are actively cooperating with the Azov war crimes.

– Juan Fearless (Youblacksoul) March 20, 2022

Ukrainian refugees have also claimed that reports of safe passage zones are all false. Apparently, Zelensky’s forces cut off supplies outside the country.

Ironically, it’s actually the Russians who are providing more humanitarian assistance than the Ukrainian troops, according to some who have finally pulled it out of the conflict zone.

There were also some refugees who claimed that Ukrainian soldiers were threatening to shoot anyone who tried to flee the area, which has already begun to occur, according to two separate eyewitnesses. However, this is not yet certain.

More eyewitnesses from Mariupol say the Azov battalion executed civilians trying to find a way out of the city.

– Juan Fearless (Youblacksoul) March 17, 2022

If Ukraine’s armed forces are really doing this to their own people, then Zelensky needs to be questioned with Putin about “war crimes.”

The shocking report in the post that the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion is building offensive positions in civilian areas and using women and children as “human shields” (video) first appeared in The Gateway Pundit.

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