The NY Post has called 51 former senior intelligence officers, including ex

Spies who lie: New York Post The cover says it all today.
We can no longer trust the intelligence community of this country. They are liars and political operatives of the Democrat Party. Our Intel communities are lost. It’s over.

Truth and honesty mean nothing to these people.

The New York Post reports:

They are supposedly non-partisan groups of top spies for the best interests of the nation.

But 51 former “intelligence” officials who, in a public letter, expressed doubts about Hunter Biden’s laptop stories in the post, were really desperate to elect Joe Biden as president. And more than a year later, even after repeatedly denouncing their deep-state sabotage, they refuse to acknowledge how they undermined an election.

Officials, including CNN scholar and professional philanthropist James Clapper – a man accused of lying almost to Congress – signed a letter stating that the laptop contained “the classic mark of a Russian intelligence operation.”

What evidence did they have? By their own confession, which. “We don’t know if it’s email. . . Original or not, ”the letter said. They are just “suspicious”. Why? Because they hit Biden’s campaign, that’s enough evidence.

Remember it was written on October 19, 2020, five days after The Post’s first story was published. Neither Joe Biden nor Hunter Biden denied the story, they just confused the questions.

Unscrupulous people should never hold such high office. They are unable to be honest with the American people.

And they weren’t the only one. Fake News has also lied about mainstream media laptops.
Do not believe the fake news!

The Post NY Post has summoned 51 former senior intelligence officials, including the former CIA chief, who publicly lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop being a “Russian disinformation” in The First Gateway Pond.

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