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WashingtonAt the initiative of Indiana Republican Sen. Dick Lugar and Democrat Georgia Sen. Sam Nan, Ukraine has given up its nuclear weapons under the Nan-Lugar Act. Former Senator and Indiana Governor Evan Beh said the two senators and the US Congress were doing the right thing at the time, although Ukraine could take advantage of having nuclear weapons.

“Those few countries had thousands of nuclear weapons: in places other than Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and there were fears that the greatest danger to humanity was that they would not be controlled and that they would fall into the wrong hands,” Beh said in an interview with DLC Media .

Listen: Former Governor and U.S. Senator Evan Beh talks about nuclear proliferation

Beh said he believed Nunn and Lugar had done a great job and instructed the Russians to do the same.

“We are not going to eliminate nuclear weapons. However, to control them, protect them and make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. “

Beh said the work stood the test of time, even if it seemed Ukraine could keep those means in its arsenal.

“Of course if you were Ukrainian today, you would think that it was a mistake to give up our nuclear weapons because Putin would not attack if we had them. I’m sure they think Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un are doing the same thing.” He said.

Beh said one of the by-products of Ukraine’s nuclear disarmament is looking at regimes like North Korea and thinking they could be threatened and that they should never give up their nuclear weapons.

“Dick was right. Sam was right. It was right to do it. Save the world. But, one of the lessons that these rogue regimes are learning is that they probably don’t want to take part in anything like that.”

Beh said some regimes can actually decide by looking at the situation that they want to acquire nuclear weapons, accelerating proliferation.

“It’s Vladimir Putin’s fault. He is invading this country without any argument and who can guess?

Post Beh: The Nun-Lugar Act took the atom from Ukraine, suitable for the time the first 93.1FM appeared on WIBC.

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