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Nicole Hanna-Jones, creator of the 1619 project, says that server tipping in restaurants is rooted in slavery.

Controversial journalist and CRT spokesperson expressed his views on the tipping in response to a tweet from the former MSNBC host Tour Neblett, who also criticized the practice.

“The tip is a legacy of slavery and if it is not optional, it should not be a tip but should be included in the bill. Have you ever wondered why we tip, as tipping is a habit in the United States and almost nowhere? “

TourĂ© Neblett replied that “America is a slavery, Part 1619,” a reference to the 1619 project, which argued that the founding of America was based on slavery.

Historian Phil Magnus took a screenshot of Hannah-Jones tweet and explained (with information) that the practice of tipping was not common in many parts of the world and did not originate with slavery.

What are you waiting for? pic.twitter.com/ylpH1UigLe

– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022

Relevant: pic.twitter.com/ld9C0rHkFg

– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022

Also those of you who are sharing an obscene “fact check” article claiming that tipping comes from slavery, you are simply wrong.

Here is a European travel guide published in the 1730s. pic.twitter.com/XCBdtTNXIH

– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022

And yes, there is a scene in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night that depicts tipping.

Note: “Gratility” is an obsolete old English word for gratuity. pic.twitter.com/iix1vNPxm8

– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022

Hannah-Jones deleted her tweet.

Rob Kendall offers his thoughts in the clip below.

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